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Check Out Line: Have a flu shot, spend some more

September 14, 2010

flushot1Check out the impact of signs the U.S. flu season may be weaker this year.

Drug stores such as Walgreen, CVS and Rite Aid are offering flu shots earlier and more conveniently to keep sales from slumping with no expected H1N1 outbreak this year along the lines of last year.

Saturday Night Live pokes Goldman on flu shots

November 10, 2009

Perhaps theGoldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein best barometer of public scorn is the Saturday Night Live indicator: if SNL derides you in a comedy sketch, chances are, lots of people dislike you.

Even CEOs don’t make the top of the H1N1 list

October 22, 2009

If anyone knows about the demand for flu-related products, it’s Kimberly-Clark Chairman and CEO Thomas Falk.

Check Out Line: Flu vaccinations aid drugstores

October 2, 2009


Check out Walgreen’s sales growth.

Walgreen Co, the largest U.S. drugstore chain, said on Friday that September sales at its stores open at least one year rose 5.3 percent, thanks to in-store flu vaccinations and people filling more 90-day prescriptions.

Vilsack rips media over swine flu, I mean, H1N1

September 10, 2009

Hog markets are depressed. Farmers struggle to put food on the table. Hard times are seeping into the rural economy, hurting owners of grocery and hardware stores.

The flu frenzy has begun

August 31, 2009

flu-shotPeople have been worried about the H1N1 flu, aka swine flu, for months but the vaccine for that flu is not expected until at least mid-October.

Healthcare index stays firm

August 12, 2009

AIDS INDIA BLOODTESTThe BSE healthcare index traded firm and gained 1.3 percent on Wednesday in a market that ended marginally lower.