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Icahn’t: Carl says no time for blogging, too little interest

DEAL/Could Carl’s silence be golden?

Our favorite billionaire blogger and corporate raider Carl Icahn is safely avoiding writer’s cramp. His Icahn Report, launched to much fanfare as a hub for corporate governance  and reform, has not been updated since April 16.

Reuters caught up with Icahn this week to discuss his intervention in CIT’s attempted rescue. The legendary investor threw a bomb into the lender’s efforts to strike a debt swap deal with its creditors, and to stay in business through a reorganization plan, by offering a $6 billion loan. Asked about the lack of production on his blog, Icahn explained he’s been fully engaged this year:

“I’ve been sort of busy. And right now, with the market up, there’s not as much interest in corporate governance like the were was a couple of months ago.  I’ve been so busy, with all these positions we’ve got. There’s a lot going on.”

Have hedge fund flows turned the corner?

waterThe global hedge fund industry has recovered from last fall’s lows, thanks to bubbly markets, but investors this year continued to yank out their cash. Until now.

HedgeFund.net, which tracks industry performance and trends, in a report released this week estimated that total hedge fund assets rose more than 2.5 percent, or $47 billion, to reach $1.89 trillion at the end of last month. Nearly half that growth came from net inflows of $19.6 billion. 

“The rate of organic growth increased in August to 1.05% … nearly matching rates seen in June, a very positive sign for the industry,” the firm wrote.

Embracing opportunities

The financial industry is famously flexible. Previously held shibboleths can be ditched in the blink of an eye to be replaced by more appropriate, and profitable, assumptions.

hhdealpic1And so it is that hedge funds have embraced restructuring culture. No longer is there shame in distressed assets, forced sales and dried up liquidity. In a time when going to the wall is an everyday occurrence, the smart money, and the optimism, comes from finding opportunity in straitened times.

Earlier today hedge fund pros gathered for breakfast with lawyers for KattenMuchin, to hear a presentation about “Corporate and Fund Restructurings”.