By Matthew Goldstein and Jennifer Ablan

We may not be TV people but there’s something to be said for just sitting down and doing a video interview to discuss the big issues of the day. And that’s just what we did as part of this year’s Reuters Investment Outlook Summit and it’s something we hope to keep doing as  a regular feature going forward into the new year.

In advance of this year’s summit, we did videos with noted short-seller Carson Block, bond guru Dan Fuss, OWS bank leader Cathy O’Neill, FBI heads April Brooks and David Chaves, Avenue Capital’s Marc Lasry, economist Henry Kaufman and Steven Gluckstern of eminent domain fame. The videos were frank discussions and to make them seem more natural we went outside the environs of our Reuters newsroom in NYC and conducted them in places like the  middle of Times Square, an ice ream shop and a park.

But best of all these videos broke some news. For instance, we learned the FBI is now using Twitter as an investigative tool and that Carson Block is thinking about starting a short only hedge fund.

So far we’ve posted four videos online, with the ones with Fuss and Lasry still to come. We’ll update this post once those are out as well.

One other thing,  we must give a big thanks to Reuters digital editor Chrystia Freeland for suggesting the idea of doing videos for the summit and online editor Ken Li. And also a huge shot-out to the Reuters video team of Jonathan O’Beirne, Dan Colarusso, and Barclay Palmer and their crew for putting these videos together.