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Deals wrap: M&A pace set to slow

M&A deals declined in the second quarter from the previous three months, casting gloom on hopes of a reviving world economy that will prompt executives to put their cash-rich balance sheets to work. Get full coverage on the state of M&A here.

China Everbright Bank has delayed meetings with investors to promote its planned $6 billion Hong Kong share listing, three sources with direct knowledge of the deal said, underscoring shaky sentiment in global markets and weak IPO performances in Asia.

At the Rebuilding Japan Summit, three veteran M&A advisers provide insight into corporate consolidation in Japan and what role this may play in the wake of the March 11 disaster.

Prada posted slim gains in its $2.14 billion IPO debut in Hong Kong, defying expectations for a weak start as investors who couldn’t buy into the IPO snapped up the stock in a buoyant market.

Divorced from someone convicted of a Ponzi scheme? Your money may be safer than you think, writes The New York Times.

Grisham says real-life swindlers outdo his fiction

(Reporting by Ned Barnett in Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Author John Grisham, master of the legal thriller, says the real-life fraud scandals involving Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford trump even the gripping fiction of his novels.

He says he is fascinated by the accusations of multibillion dollar Ponzi schemes, involving tangled webs of companies and offshore banks, which have put Wall Street financier Madoff in jail for 150 years and are also leveled against Texas billionaire and sports entrepreneur Stanford.

Madoff pleaded guilty in March to a $65 billion fraud and was jailed in June, while Stanford has pleaded not guilty to charges that he bilked investors in a $7 billion swindle.

The SEC’s missed chances to catch Madoff

U.S. securities regulators missed repeated chances to uncover Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, a sharply critical review by a federal watchdog said on Wednesday.

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