Unstructured Finance

Gross miscalculation?

December 16, 2011

By Jennifer Ablan and Matthew Goldstein

It appears that Bill Gross’s PIMCO Total Return Fund is losing ground with investors — just not as fast as we originally thought.

Welcome to Paulson-mart

August 13, 2011

By Matthew Goldstein

It’s been an ugly summer for hedge fund king John Paulson with two of his biggest funds down more than 25 percent. But what makes that poor performance all the more painful is how widespread it is being felt by wealthy individual investors around the globe.

Quality control

May 29, 2009

After last year’s record poor performance, investors may view a warning that the quality of hedge funds could get worse with a certain degree of irony.

Staying positive

February 16, 2009

rtr23yfeThere seems to be an endless wave of bad news hitting the hedge fund industry at the moment — gates and suspensions, record poor performance, the Bernard Madoff scandal and so forth¬†—¬†but there are still one or two reasons to be positive.