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Dec 30, 2014

US agency gives quiet nod to light oil exports-sources

WASHINGTON, Dec 30 (Reuters) – The main U.S. export
authority is telling some oil companies that they should
consider exporting a lightly processed form of crude oil called
condensate without formal permission, according to people
familiar with the discussions.

In conversations that may help clear the way for more
overseas sales of U.S. shale oil, the Commerce Department’s
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has told companies seeking
clarification on the legal status of so-called “processed
condensate” that self-classification – whereby companies export
their product without any formal authorization – could be a way
forward, the people told Reuters.

Dec 29, 2014
Dec 23, 2014
Dec 23, 2014
Dec 19, 2014

Obama: Keystone benefits for U.S. consumers, workers nominal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama said on
Friday that construction of the Keystone XL pipeline to
transport crude oil from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast would
only nominally benefit American consumers and workers.

“There is very little impact – nominal impact – on U.S. gas
prices, what the average American consumer cares about,” Obama
told reporters during an end-of-year press conference.

Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014