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Jun 14, 2014
Jun 13, 2014

Ohio governor freezes state’s clean energy law

WASHINGTON, June 13 (Reuters) – Ohio Governor John Kasich on
Friday signed legislation to freeze a six-year old law that
required utilities to sell increasing amounts of green energy,
making the state the first in the country to roll back a clean
energy mandate.

Kasich, a Republican mentioned as a possible contender for
the 2016 presidential race, signed Senate Bill 310, which passed
in the state’s legislature with strong support from some of
Ohio’s biggest industrial power users, such as Alcoa, and
the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

Jun 12, 2014

U.S. EPA chief: Carbon rules to lower consumer bills

WASHINGTON, June 12 (Reuters) – Environmental Protection
Agency chief Gina McCarthy said on Thursday that newly proposed
rules to slash carbon emissions from U.S. power plants will cut
electricity bills after 2030 by forcing power plants to become
more efficient.

Speaking at a forum on energy efficiency in Washington,
which she likened to “preaching to the choir,” McCarthy took
issue with critics’ claims that the EPA’s clean power plan will
cause consumer electricity prices to skyrocket, in part by
forcing older coal-fired plants to close.

Jun 10, 2014
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