Podcast: How China’s military might matches up with the United States

August 12, 2015
Participants: David Axe, Jason Fields, Matthew Gault

China is the world’s youngest and most ambitious superpower. Over the past decade the country has dumped billions of dollars into its military. That rapid expansion worries some analysts.

Now Beijing is regional military juggernaut, expanding its hold on the Pacific and pushing against the U.S and its allies. China can now project military power like never before.

But does regional power lead to global dominance? What does China really want in the Pacific? And would China and America ever go to war? In this week’s War College podcast, we look for some answers.

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Everyone knows that China has a bigger military than the United States. It’s only a matter of time before they attack US, very likely before the end of this year as soon as they get the Russians on board. That’s also why they have trillions of dollars invested in the US.

Posted by ptiffany | Report as abusive

This is a naive analysis, not simply one with which one might disagree as to an expert’s judgements.

I don’t ordinarily toss out broad-brush negative characterizations of this sort, but you ought to find someone with some actual knowledge, expertise, and judgement – or please don’t bother and waste your readers/listeners’ time.


Posted by JeanPeregrine | Report as abusive

China is most favored nation by USA, please stop drumming war drums.

Posted by Jingan | Report as abusive