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Jan 23, 2015

Kerry calls for more resources in anti-extremist fight, warns of Islamophobia

DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) – Countries must devote more resources to fight global extremism, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday, but the battle would falter if it becomes consumed by sectarian division or Islamophobia.

Speaking against a backdrop of deadly Islamist militant attacks in France, Pakistan, Nigeria and elsewhere, Kerry told leaders at the annual World Economic Forum: “These kinds of actions can never be excused. And they have to be opposed. With every fiber of our being, they have to be stopped.

Jan 22, 2015

Obama abandons telephone data spying reform proposal -U.S. officials

WASHINGTON, Jan 22 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s
administration has quietly abandoned a proposal it had been
considering to put raw U.S. telephone call data collected by the
National Security Agency under non-governmental control, several
U.S. security officials said.

Obama promised changes in the government’s handling of such
data in a speech a year ago after revelations by former NSA
contractor Edward Snowden about the extent of the agency’s
electronic surveillance of Americans’ communications.

Jan 22, 2015

Iraqi PM warns falling oil price could hurt fight against Islamic State

LONDON, Jan 22 (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider
al-Abadi said on Thursday he feared lower revenues from falling
global oil prices could hurt his country’s military campaign
against Islamic State.

Speaking after attending a meeting of members of the
U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State in London, Abadi
appealed for more training and equipment for his military. He
said Iraq’s economy had been hard hit by the oil price slump.

Jan 22, 2015

Coalition needs 2 years to expel Islamic State from Iraq, says UK

LONDON (Reuters) – The U.S.-led coalition could take up to two years to expel Islamic State from Iraq, and Baghdad’s own forces will be incapable of proper combat operations for months, Britain’s foreign minister warned on Thursday.

Speaking before he hosted a meeting of 21 coalition members in London, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the task of pushing the Islamist militants back would be slow.

Dec 24, 2014

As U.S. troops return to Iraq, more private contractors follow

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government is preparing to boost the number of private contractors in Iraq as part of President Barack Obama’s growing effort to beat back Islamic State militants threatening the Baghdad government, a senior U.S. official said.

How many contractors will deploy to Iraq – beyond the roughly 1,800 now working there for the U.S. State Department – will depend in part, the official said, on how widely dispersed U.S. troops advising Iraqi security forces are, and how far they are from U.S. diplomatic facilities.

Dec 23, 2014

Without help, Libya could become next Syria, foreign minister says

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Libya, torn by a growing political divide that threatens to engulf its oilfields, could become the next Syria if it does not patch its divided government and get help battling Islamic militants, the country’s foreign minister said on Tuesday.

“If we don’t do the right thing now, in two years’ time we could have – hopefully not – a repeat of what happened in Syria in 2014 because the international community didn’t react adequately,” Foreign Minister Mohamed Dayri told Reuters in an interview.

Dec 19, 2014

How Syria policy stalled under the ‘analyst in chief’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – (In Oct. 9 story, corrects paragraph 12 to clarify that size of Obama’s National Security Council staff has continued to grow, rather than “has nearly doubled”, after the White House clarified numbers it had provided to Reuters. )

Throughout 2012, as signs mounted that militants in Syria were growing stronger, the debate in the White House followed a pattern. In meeting after meeting, as officials from agencies outside the executive residence advocated arming pro-Western rebels or other forms of action, President Barack Obama’s closest White House aides bluntly delivered the president’s verdict: no.

Dec 17, 2014

Secret talks in Canada, Vatican City led to Cuba breakthrough

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The historic breakthrough in U.S.-Cuban relations began in spring 2013, when President Barack Obama authorized secret talks with Cuba, the same tactic he used to open nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Months of talks in Canada and at the Vatican, involving one of Obama’s closest aides, culminated on Tuesday, when Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro spoke by phone for nearly an hour and gave final assent to steps that could end a half-century of enmity and reshape Western Hemisphere relations.

Dec 10, 2014

For CIA, fallout from Senate report looks far from over

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As outcry grows over its now-defunct brutal interrogation program, America’s spy agency appears caught in the crossfire of debate over its methods in the ongoing U.S. battle against Islamic militants and whether it has changed its ways.

Inside the Central Intelligence Agency, intelligence officials expressed resentment over what they said was the unfairness of a Senate Intelligence Committee report released on Tuesday that harshly criticized the spy agency’s detention and questioning of militant suspects.

Dec 9, 2014

Prosecutions for CIA torture still seem unlikely after Senate report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Minutes after a U.S. Senate intelligence panel released details of the CIA’s torture of terrorism suspects, President Barack Obama suggested the country should move on.

The U.S. Department of Justice, which has the power to bring criminal charges, looks set to take him at his word.