Tina Fey wants to “be done” with Palin after November

September 22, 2008

feybackstage.jpgTina Fey’s hit comedy series “30 Rock” may have picked up 4 Emmys, but backstage at the TV awards show the show’s creator and star faced almost as many questions about her recent portrayal of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live” as she did about her award-winning show.

As it turns out, Fey would rather not see Palin become a regular character on “SNL.”

“I want to be done playing this lady November 5th,” Fey said when asked backstage about how she feels about the election. “So, if anyone can help me be done playing her on November 5th…”

The U.S. presidential election is November 4th.

Fey added that Palin “seems like a perfectly nice lady,” but that she had been reluctant at first to admit that they look alike.

“I was very resistant to acknowledge that there was a resemblance,” Fey said. “Then my kid saw Sarah Palin on TV and said ‘That’s Mommy.'”

As for “30 Rock,” Fey said co-star Alec Baldwin had told her that her award for best actress in a comedy series meant she could now “stop apologizing for being an actor and being on the show.”

Finally, Fey asked enlisted reporters’ help in finding her purse, which disappeared after she left it under her seat in L.A.’s Nokia theater.

“If anyone sees a small purple purse with an iPhone in it with a picture of a naked toddler,” she said.


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Ms. Fey is not the only one who wants to be done with Mrs. Palen after November 4th.

As a matter of fact, today might even be a good day for that as well…for those of us who really do put our country first, Mr. & Mrs. Reader.

OK Jack
Life Member DAV

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Now McCain Campaign is asking for rules for Palin’s debate with Biden.
Rules for Sarah – include scripted interviews, not turning in tax returns, not showing up for troopergate.
Tom Brokaw, Bob Schieffer and Jim Lehrer – we are counting on you to do your job like Charlie Gibson did. There are no rules when someone is running for VP. There were none for Hillary or anyone else.
People lets just call this what it is – a farce. McCain is putting himself first not the country – don’t let him fool you.
This is a sad day in America

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Fey, you are not the only one who hopes your Palin gig ends in November. Please organize your friends to combat the republican celeb.

Posted by Shawn, San Diego | Report as abusive

You know I cannot believe how hypocritical the rightwing can be when it comes to their own. After the grilling the Obama’s got after Michelle merely said she was now “really” proud of her country – I recenly found this out.

She was a member of the Alaska Independence party who want Alaska SEPARATED from America
– the motto of the party is “Alaska first” NOT country first
– the leader of the party, Vogler, has said that “the fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for America”
-The Alaskan Independence Party quotes Vogler as stating “I’m an Alaskan, not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.”
– Todd Palin was a member of this party from 1997-2002
– Todd Palin considers Alaskan people to be a separate entity to American people

Now imagine if the Obamas were involved in extricating their city or state and wanted nothing to do with America. Would the hypocrites give them a free pass, or would they be labelled traitors/communists/terrorists/”unpatrio tic”?

Posted by Katie | Report as abusive

I hope she gets her wish as well. Although after tonight’s Emmys, I think Julia Louis Dreyfus looks more like Palin.

Posted by Soctane | Report as abusive

Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, Tony Rezko.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

One final comment. Tina, we’re ready for you to be done by November too. Maybe SNL will be able to find an actress more qualified to play the newly elected veep at that point.

Posted by Dash | Report as abusive

I sure as h*ll don’t wanna be done with Palin by November, hopefully it’s just the beginning.. :)

She’s such a snot, wow, and I don’t watch 30 rock and never will simply because she’s so determined to shove her politics in everyone’s faces. She’s an actress, not a politician. The fact that she’s playing Palin on SNL doesn’t even deserve half the attention it’s getting. In fact, I’m only looking up this article right now because I was curious after the Palin interview I saw.

So, all I’ve got to say is, get over yourself Tina Fey.

Posted by Tiffle1 | Report as abusive

A lifelong Republican, Sarah Palin was never a member of the Independent Party, as that party’s spokesperson noted when correcting the misinformation spreading over the internet. The person leaving the comment here needs to use fact check.

As for Tina Fey, I will be happy as well if she doesn’t do her imitation of Palin after November 4.

SNL ought to do a skit of “The View,” showing the difference between its fawning over Obama (“Are you aware how sexy you are?”) versus its 3rd degree of the McCains.

Posted by Joanne | Report as abusive

I’m sure that on November 4th Ms. Fey will no longer have to worry about portraying Ms Palin. It will all be over by then and Biden will be the new VP. It will be about time! Ms. Palin’s not smart enough to be a VP. She doesn’t even know what the Bush Doctrine is and isn’t that what the McCain-Palin ticket is all about? She needs to go back to Alaska and take care of all those children she has! So don’t worry Ms. Fey it will all be over soon!

Posted by Lutricia | Report as abusive

I didn’t have to wait until 5 November to be done with Tina Fey. Sick of hollywood telling you what to think and how to live your life America.

Put them out of business.

Boycott hollywood!

Posted by hawkdriver | Report as abusive

Tina Fey can SUCK IT!


Posted by Alexandra | Report as abusive

Better go cash that check now from Winner & Associates, Katie: the folks that track down cyber-jihadis decided to go looking for your bosses, and found them. They’re already turning off the Youtube videos, and the bank accounts are sure to follow…

Posted by a | Report as abusive

Does Reuters plan on campaigning for Obama all the way up to election day or will you take a couple of days off along the way?

Posted by Tony Aterno | Report as abusive

Fey was reluctant to admit she looks like Palin? Try the other way around. Palin is much much better looking than Tina ‘scarface’ Fey.

Posted by kit | Report as abusive

Sadly, we’ll never be free of the bloviator Alec Baldwin who verbally trashes his kid on national TV. Of course he’s liberal so he’s forgiven but his daughter has yet to forgive his barbaric behavior. Imagine beating up on your own kid. As for Fey have you noticed the further left you go in Hollyweird the better your chances of winning are. I love 30 Rock and will continue watching it but do some research on the ratings, they suck. Go wager they won’t get any better either. And as much as I wished Alec Baldwin had moved to France after a Bush victory I still think he has great presence as an actor. You see us conservatives aren’t hypocrites like you liberals. McCain wins over 300 electoral votes, book it and save my post and remind me. I promise you if you bet on McCain winning over 300 you’re bet will turn very profitable for you. Trust me!

Posted by Al Franken | Report as abusive

Umm … Katie … not for nothin but all that Alaska Independence Party nonsense was debunked about 2 weeks ago.

I have nothing against criticizing either McCain / Palin or Obama / Biden, but at least get your facts straight.

And Hottopics – you might want to ask yourself why the Dems were so quick to agree to such debate guidelines. Because every time Biden opens his mouth it’s to jam his foot into it …

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

I’m all for Fey to stop playing Palin NOW!! I don’t need anyone mixing their hyper-partisan political views in with comedy. This kind of not-so-subliminal derision is clearly aimed at undermining Ms. Palin’s appeal. And surprise, surprise, it’s coming from the same woman who so passionately backed Hillary and grrrrl power during the primaries; she’s just another disingenuous feminist who is all for women in high offices-as long as they walk the “correct” ideological line…

SNL, far from being “edgy” and conscious of the “currents” in the country have demonstrated their partisanship overtly. Not only with Ms. Fey’s noxious portrayal of Ms. Palin as a bubble-headed piece of eye candy and her truculent statement at the Emmys; but with this past weekends McCain ad skit provided by none other than the partisan DEMOCRATIC candidate for office, Al Franken.

I think everyone should write to SNL and their advertisers expressing their displeasure over the shows partisan disposition. Remember folks, they are laughing at us “little people” and our values too; in a not-so-indirect way!

Posted by Bob Reed | Report as abusive

…Way to alienate half the country by running your liberal mouth, Tina. Funny how most conservative entertainers have enough dignity and class to allow their political and religious beliefs to remain personal.

Posted by Suzette | Report as abusive

To Katie @ 7:16 am – Sarah Palin has never been a member of the Alaskan Independence Party.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

Katie, why do you push such outright lies? You Obama backers should stop the lies out of your mouths.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Hmmm, an ACTRESS humbling a proven exec of a state. Fits the lefty loon platform of irony, at least.

Posted by BubbG | Report as abusive

You are repeating lies that have been debunked repeatedly. Gov Palin was NEVER a member of that group. None of the quotes about that group are, or ever have been, platform positions, and while Mr. Palin was a registered member for a couple of election cycles, he is not now and denies he ever supported any of the quotes you have above.

As for Obama, his mentor as a Community Organizer was a Communist named Saul Alinsky who advocated the overthrow of America and the establishment of a Workers State (i.e. Communist). Obama has said repeatedly that he learned more as a Community Organizer then he learned in any other job.

Posted by Sean | Report as abusive

I love Sarah Palin.

I can’t wait to vote for her.

I have already given the RNC $500; when they asked for “Information,” I entered two words: “Sarah Palin.”

With regard to most of the comments here, get a life. As one example, “Katie,” the Alaska Independence Party stuff was David Axelrod astroturfing. It was proven utterly false.

With regard to the debate format, the parties mutually agreed on the format. The left wants to keep the walking, gibbering gaffe-machine Biden as far from an unrestricted microphone as it can.

Tina Fey: Get over yourself. You are a mere player. Nobody really cares.

Posted by RJGatorEsq. | Report as abusive

I am no Tina fan, but I hope she gets STUCK playing Palin the next 8 years AND THEN SOME!!! Get over yourself, Tina.

Posted by EverybodyLovesReagan | Report as abusive

Katie you are one of the many blind followers who believe all the hoaxes against Palin hook line and sinker. Even CNN has debunked that charge, she has always been a lifelong Republican and not
a member of a secessionist group.

Posted by ElizaB | Report as abusive

Before complaining about setting rules for debates between Palin and Biden, please remember it was Obama who turned down open question, townhall meetings because they were too “structured”. Rules of debate are always set and all of the debaters will have their own set of requirements.

Posted by pmoore | Report as abusive

Katie: Your facts are WRONG. Palen was never a member of the Alaskan Independance party. And its wrong of you to continue to spread these lies.

Posted by Lily | Report as abusive

The lie about Palin and the AIP is surfacing again? She was never a member of the Alaska Independence Party
http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/ sliming_palin.html

There are some possible reasons to oppose Mrs. Palin, but that’s not one of them. Ohm and to liberal posters: please keep posting your Palin-hate, it just makes you look small and bitter.

Posted by billhedrick | Report as abusive

Fey is still on? SNL is still on?

Posted by Buckwheat | Report as abusive

Ms. Fey, like all Obama supporters, are ignorant. Obama and the Democrat leadership are ALL socialists whould seek to transform our society into a mirror image of Europe with massive taxes, high unemployment, government meddling in everything, and weak on every front. Why don’t you fools who worship Big Government just leave instead of trying to enslave thiose of us who value our freedom?

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

“Rules for Sarah – include scripted interviews, not turning in tax returns, not showing up for troopergate.”

Rules for Obama. No questions about Bill Ayers, Rev. Right, Rev. Flagher, Rezko, wives hatred of America, relationship to groups related to Saul Alinsky.

List goes on and on.

Sorry, get ready for President McCain in November. Maybe next time the dems can run a southern conservative democrat rather than a marxist and actually have a chance of winning an election.

Posted by Borislavio | Report as abusive

Get over it Tina, if you don’t want to play the character, then tell SNL you are no longer doing the character and demand they find someone else. It’s getting so pathetic with all the whinning in hollywood about Sarah Palin. I thought Alec Baldwin was supposed to move to another country when Bush was elected back in 2000? He’s still here! Go figure?

Posted by Shawn | Report as abusive

The moonbats are suffering Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Here are a few nutty claims made by hate filled, rabid Sarah Palin haters of the left-liberal-Democrat variety: She should have aborted her baby. She should not be a successful woman running for the VP slot, but she should stay home with her children. She is not a woman because she does not think like them. Her only qualification is she never had an abortion.

Those are a few of many hate filled screeds against a wonderful person, Sarah Palin.

Victory and success is the best revenge, and, come November 5, 2008, Sarah Palin will have been elected to the Vice Presidency of the United States of America, and the deranged moonbats can go absolutely moonbat crazy, pull their hair out, jump off of tall buildings, jump into the path of oncoming trains, buses, or cars, or leave the country.

They’ll probably become violent and riot.

Posted by William | Report as abusive

The whining panic of the lefties continues unabated. Sarah Palin isn’t going anywhere. Deal with it, preferably by leaving the country!

Posted by Gerry | Report as abusive

If you don’t like her politics, don’t watch her show. No need to ridicule her performance. She is an intelligent writer, actor, and comedian. If you were famous you would be giving your opinions to the media and she has the right to voice hers. Freedom of speech right?

Posted by Nicole | Report as abusive

Hey, here’s hoping all the libs who commented find they have “exploding Head Syndrome” once McCain and Barracuda win in November.

That 50 state strategy is working quite nicely isn’t it libs? Nothing like runaway spending to end a campaigns plans. If he spends like this running the govt, we’ll all be bankrupt by 2010. Heh heh heh.

The only rule implemented, for those of you who can’t research, was to prevent Biden from dominating the conversation and making his typical smarmy comments. Although, I want those, because he is such an arrogant *****.

Posted by LiberalsSuck | Report as abusive

Tina Fey knows what her fellow left wing actors want to hear to keep her popular among the Hollywood elite and effete, so she vaguely parrots them. I think Fey actually likes Palin (as does Hillary and Geraldine) and would like nothing better than to continue to play her for the next 12 years (4 as VP and 8 as President). Hollywood is continuing to solidify Main Street support for McCain/Palin as actors and comedians are looking more and more deranged, disturbed, self-indulgent, angry and out of touch with normal Americans.

Posted by Fallon | Report as abusive

I wasn’t aware that the election of Gov Palin requires Ms. Fey to play the part forever.

If you don’t want to play the lady don’t play her.

Although I must commend Ms. Fey for a straightforward statement and not a rant. Perhaps she can give tips to her fellow celebs on making a critical statement with class.

Posted by P. Ingemi | Report as abusive

You left a few out, Alex: Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, Tony Rezco, (Chicago Political Godfather) Emil Jones, and the militant activists of ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Posted by Fallon | Report as abusive

Another member of the entertainment industry who is a liberal Democrat? Yawn!!!!!

I predict in 20 years, Sarah Palin will be viewed as a well-known while Tina will be “Tina Who.”

Posted by Brian C. | Report as abusive

Concerning my latest post, above. Looks like Obama’s chickens may be coming home to roost, should the MSM have any interest in printing truth.

http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/194057.p hp

Posted by Kurtacus | Report as abusive

Who does Tina Fey think she is? I like Governor Palin and hope she wins. I don’t go to Fey or Alec Baldwin (Kim Bassinger’s ex husband ) for political advice. Hey, Alec: weren’t you supposed to leave the country eight years ago?

Posted by Alibaba | Report as abusive

When will Whoopie play Michele on SNL. It is a good likeness and the angry factor is there.

Posted by Rmm | Report as abusive

You people need to get a life. Ms Fey is just an actress playing a part that she didn’t even want to play. She did a great job playing Ms Palin, regardless of politics.

Posted by higherground | Report as abusive

Just because someone is a good actor doesn’t mean they know squat about politics. Many of the people in Hollywood don’t even have high school diploms. I’ll do my own reading and researh and decide for myself who is the best canidate. Go Sarah.

Posted by BARBARA | Report as abusive

I too would like to be done with Sarah Palin by Nov. 4th. I think she’s unqualified to be a V.P., let alone a possible President! John McSame only picked her because he wanted to difuse the election with the hype and hysteria that the media plays into. McSame is loving this…let’s turn this election to more important issues – our future is at stake.

Posted by Liz O.C. | Report as abusive

When Hollywood falls the whole world falls with it. It’s where the money is at. You go Tina, at least you have the wits to say what you feel unlike these Bush-monkies who let the party speak for them. Let them send their own kids out to war and see if they don’t change their tunes.

Posted by Skye | Report as abusive

Eric, I value my freedom, but the Religious Republicans don’t. I don’t want their religiion mixed into my daily life. There are many republican views I agree with, but for them to shape the country based on religion is something I should not have to tolerate.

Posted by Lisa | Report as abusive

While many people were quick to point out the error that Palin was not a member of the AIP, NOBODY mentioned the fact that it is true that her husband was and that she attended many meetings.

It’s also quite funny how threatened some people are about anyone who has an opinion! As if just because you are an actor or musician you are no longer allowed to speak your mind. Not the world I want to live in.

I hope Tina never has to play that unqualified, lying loser again. This past week, as John McCain’s past caught up with him and revealed his true colors, will go a long way towards that goal.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

If you think the latest SNL skit suggesting Todd Palin committed incest is acceptable, I wonder when we will see the script that hints Joe Biden is doing his daughter? We won’t.

Liberals must stop with the double-standards. http://www.sermonzone.com/blog/2008/09/2 2/snl-incest-joke-is-evil/

Posted by Dr.Bruce | Report as abusive

The conservatives on this blog wouldn’t sound so defensive if they didn’t have strong reason to be defensive. Tone down the vitriol folks and start explaining the last eight years to the rest of us. If you can provide valid justification, then perhaps many of us will give your opinions more credibility.

Posted by kits | Report as abusive

According to Palin, God is on our side. Isn’t that what islamic extremists say. I guess she is an Assemblies of God extremist. Is there really any difference??

Palin quote:

“Pray for our Military men and woman who are striving to do what is also right for this Country. Pray that our leaders, our National Leaders, are sending them on a task that is from God. That is what we must pray for. That there is a plan and that plan is God’s plan.”

Posted by John | Report as abusive

[…] Source:Reuters Photo: Flynet 1/27 […]

Posted by Celebrity Baby Scoop | Report as abusive

Tina Fey does not have ajob without Sarah Palin.

Posted by bubba | Report as abusive

Look, Palin is proving every day that she’s every bit the airhead that Fey made her out to be. She’s the one who said you could see Russia from Alaska to prove her foreign policy experience (LOL).
Today she’s at the U.N. to meet her very first world leaders…George Bush need not come close for a photo op.
And the nasty old media needn’t bother asking any questions…they’re banned except for cameras (to show she’s close to world leaders.
Palin has had two media appearances. Biden more than eighty since the nomination.
Sarah is proving she’s completely uninformed and very afraid to show it. This is a public democratic election process? Not even close.
Fey doesn’t have to lift a finger. Sarah is making comedy every day.

Posted by Schnurdle | Report as abusive

[…] – from Reuters […]

Posted by Tina Fey wants to “be done” with Sarah Palin after November :: Hollywood Newsroom | Report as abusive

Possibly charged rape kits to victims, does not believe in evolution, religion is questionable, encourages shooting bears and wolves from lowing flying planes, troopergate, no abortions for rape or incest, supported the bridge to no where before she opposed it. Has a pregnant teenager, her only experiences with Foreign Relations is the fact she can see Russia from AL, Questioned a librarian about book banning and later the librarian was fired. Does not believe in Global Warming, and left her city in debt as Mayor.

If you think she is a good candidate you deserve what you get.

Posted by whynot | Report as abusive

“You see us conservatives aren’t hypocrites like you liberals.”

This kind of talk is divisive and pointless.

Posted by Stephanie | Report as abusive

Oh we all hope Palin is out of our lives on Novermber 5th. She is an embaressment to the country and to women.

Posted by Julie | Report as abusive

Well it seems like all of the LEft-Wingers and Liberals are terrrified of Sarah PAlin.

First, Sarah Palin was not part of the Alaskan Independence PArty. IF you got it off the Daily Kos then you are a idiot. Claiming that Trig PAlin, her down syndrome baby is not really hers. Please>





Posted by MArk | Report as abusive

Tina Fey should be happy she has been asked to portray Sarah Palin on SNL and stop whining about our next VP. She belongs with Alec Baldwin, and why isn’t he in France?

Posted by Robert elliott | Report as abusive

GO TINA! Oh yeah, and as for the quote, “Ms. Fey, like all Obama supporters, are ignorant” I think it should read read, “Ms. Fey, like all Obama supporters, is ignorant.”

Posted by skritt | Report as abusive

“You see us conservatives aren’t hypocrites like you liberals.”

OMG. That is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen written. A movement that values the sacredness of human life yet supports unmerited wars and the death penalty and not health care? I guess human life is only sacred when it is in utero. Once it’s out in the world, yer on yer own, honey.

And a scary irony here…my security word for this post was “life”!

Posted by NoSuchThing | Report as abusive

[…] Biden? Fey says that if Palin wins, she will quit doing her.. she apparently hates the role. Fan Fare Blog Archive Tina Fey wants to “be done” with Palin after November | Blogs | Re… __________________ "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its […]

Posted by Clinton To Replace Biden? – theBubbler | Report as abusive

Tina Fey is a lozer who is not funny nor is she smart!
She is politically INCORECT!!! She makes fun of the wrong people who are trying to help her.
Why does she hang out with that wife beater who was married to Kim

Posted by SmartLady | Report as abusive

Tina Fey is a lozer who is not funny nor is she smart!
She is politically INCORRECT!!! She makes fun of the wrong people who are trying to help her.
Why does she hang out with that wife beater who was married to Kim?
Get lost Tina and stay there! We want nothing to do with you!

Posted by SmartLady | Report as abusive

[…] a follow-up to Bridget’s last post, SNL star Tina Fey provides her own opinion of Governor Palin: “ ‘I want to be done playing this lady November […]

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