Ganguly takes off his shirt one last time

November 10, 2008

It wasn’t the way Saurav Ganguly wanted to walk off into the sunset. A century in Nagpur, the final test of India’s most successful test skipper, would have made it memorable.

Instead, the ‘Prince of Kolkata’ was dismissed first ball in his final innings, becoming only the second cricketer after England’s Billy Griffith to score a century in his first test innings and a duck in his last.

India went on to win the test, sealing their first series victory over Australia in seven years. But Ganguly’s bid to go out with a bang had fizzled out.

Or so we thought.

After the match and the presentation ceremony, his admirers clamoured for the 36-year-old left-hander to come out of the players’ dressing room.

Ganguly obliged, took off his shirt and hurled it into the midst of his delirious fans.

It was a throwback to 2002 when a frenzied Ganguly took off his shirt and waved it from the Lord’s balcony after India achieved an improbable win against England in a one-day tri-series final.

Many felt the gesture simply reinforced Ganguly’s image as unpredictable and aggressive, although he appears to have mellowed since then.

At Nagpur, Ganguly showed his old flamboyance and popularity gained from elegant batting and leadership still remained.

Taking a final look at his fans, a bare-chested Ganguly walked off into the dressing room.

He had signed off in style.


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I think it’s just another way to get some publicity. With players like Dhoni and Ishant around, who cares about Ganguly?

Posted by Natasha | Report as abusive

who cares for Sourav Ganguly !? :), You’d be surprised to know the number Natasha!
Your comments reminds me how amaizingly short term can be the memory of some of us! I can only pray for Dhonies and Ishants with supporters like you around.

Posted by Abhijit | Report as abusive

It seems u don’t follow cricket .. u should have went to nagpur to see the charisma that sourav still follows. It was all Sourav in Nagpur .. those chants of “Dada .. Dada” were echoing through the stadium .. the giant screen was full of messages for sourav requesting not to go

Posted by Gaurav Tomar | Report as abusive

@Natasha, don’t you feel ashamed talking like you just did? We’re talking about a Legend here.

Posted by Prab | Report as abusive

and who cares about losers like Natasha!

Posted by arya | Report as abusive

India does care about its dada. The person who built this modern team.

Posted by Tarun | Report as abusive

the person who scores more than 7000 runs in oneday & 11000 in test cricket,is not the forgettable person.
i never forget the bangal tiger
also,he is my favourate batsman
i miss u DADA always

Posted by nisheeth | Report as abusive

And what is Ishant? An endless shapless bamboo tree labours so hard like an oldie tramcar yet can’t even swing the ball, forget a wicket. And Dhoni? A wicketkeeper who can’t keep, a batsman who can’t bat, a player who has mastered the art of back-stabbing and bitching! He better joins the politics!
Sourav Ganguly epitomizes enterprise, honesty, aggression and the cicketing aptitude of the highest level. Shame on Sourav- bashers!

Posted by pratik | Report as abusive

Dada – The Prince of Kolkatta deserves a Good Farewell.
BCCI should plan for a Grand Ceremony for Kumble and Ganguly for their contributions to Indian Cricket.
Hope BCCI will do that.
All the best for Dada and the Iron man – Kumble in their future endeavours.

Posted by Prasanth | Report as abusive

Natasha Even Dhoni said that Replacin Ganguly is not possible.he has grown up seein Mr Sourav please Shut up n dont even dare to say a word against Ganguly.
DADA V r going to miss u…..

Posted by Gautam | Report as abusive

DADA Indian Cricket will Miss u Always. You ve been wonderful al these years.Thanks to u, i m happy u quit royally.

Posted by Ramu | Report as abusive

dhoni and ishant are plants grown from seeds which sourav sown

Posted by arun | Report as abusive

Give Natasha a break. There always be naysayers around. Don’t encourage them by respodnign to her. Best way is to ignore.

Ganguly doesn’t need anybody’s help to know his own greatness. Farewell Prince of Koklata.

Posted by Vipul | Report as abusive

DADA is a true fighter.He hate defeat so can do anything to make India win. A GREAT ENTERPRENEUR OF CRICKET. For Him only one things matters ‘WIN’. He is Royal. Definitely all cricket lovers are going to miss you alot.

Posted by mayank sinha | Report as abusive

saurav changed the indian cricket scenario. he is a great cricketer by his own rights, but his greatest contribution to indian cricket is building a team, that can win. india has always had potential, but at the same time india had the peculiar habit of losing the unlosable matches! dada changed the attitude. sehwag, yuvraj,kaif, zaheer, harbhajan, dhoni – are all his finds. he nurtured them to the greatness that they reached. even in this match, a vital role played by m.vijay was spotted by dada. dada is a gem, as well as a Zahuri! and don’t forget the time he took charge of the team. it was in shatters after matchfixing scam!

Posted by abhra | Report as abusive

I think natasha has started watching cricket from this nagpur test..even then she shud know dada’s greatness for his 85 in the 1st she must be watching from the second innings..please forgive probs natasha u can start watching dada’s videos in youtube and then u can care about him..

Posted by Kalyan | Report as abusive

I wish sourav all the best for his future endeavours. I would suggest ms.nathasha to learn cricket first before posting a comment. Dada we would always remember you and the pains u have taken to build this team. we will miss you…..

Posted by Bindhu | Report as abusive

We will miss the best captain of India. Saurav is responsible for the creation of the new genre of aggressive cricketers and have boosted the confidence of all his team-mates. Dhoni’s gesture during the final stages of the game in Nagpur handing over the mantle of captaincy to Saurav was an exceptional one which once again projects that Dhoni as the right successor to the legacy left behind by Ganguly ( taking care of his team-mates).
Miss you Saurav and hope you will be available for helping Indian cricket reach greater heights.

Posted by Soumik | Report as abusive

Indian Team will miss this great warrior……
my salute to Bangal Tiger…….!!

Posted by abdul mujeeb | Report as abusive

Dada Under Your Captaincy The Team Learnt How To Win Overseas. Under Your Captaincy The Young Players Like Yuvraj ,Bhajji,Zaheer Groomed And Learnt To Be Aggresive. You Always Lead From The Front. India Is Pround To Have Captain And A Player Like You. You Wrote Your Farewell. Dada All Of us will miss you very badly.

Long Live DADA….. You Rock …….

Posted by kiran | Report as abusive

i am here in Australia. AND felt so proud today.
“Common INDIA dikhao do”.
And Natasha If u forget Kapil ,Gavaskar , Sachin then u can forget Dada too.
My friend apne MEMORY ka ILAJ Karalo. I will Send dollar for your MEDICATION.

Posted by Ketan | Report as abusive

Natashas comment reflects a tribe of the new generation who believes in short term goals and achievements. Guys lets not put her at fault for passing such a mindless childish comment, she might have just heard the word Ganguly in her party circles and have reacted to it.

Posted by Partha | Report as abusive

Its hard to fill your place. You have left behind a well-built team & lot of young talents. Miss U. best wishes

Posted by Balaji | Report as abusive

As a newspaper reader, i salute Natasha’s comments. What she thought, wrote. Her comments show that half knowledge is always dangerous. Pass a comment is very easy than actual implementation. Never forget that he taught us how to win in another country.
Saurav was only one, is only one and will only one. No one can compete him in respect of his captaincy.

Posted by Anand | Report as abusive

Hats off to ‘dada’ for signing off in stlye….he will be remembered ever for the passion and aggression he brought into indian cricket.

Posted by das | Report as abusive

sourav is a great warrior.none can just comment bad on him.i am his childhood fan.all cricket fans cannot his fine game.he is a six lovers cant just forget his sixes in sharjah.all sixes were in the same of which had injured a spectator too.another went out of the stadium.his style is uncopiable.he is a elegant batsman.we miss u childhood hero has quit from his game.intrestingly,i am a left hand bat.

Posted by anup | Report as abusive

natasha keep ur mouth shut …….. dada s da best no one can baet him he was still hving one to two year cricket in him but this player s surrounded with a huge politics DADA I M WISHING U ALL DA BEST FOR UR FUTURE WIN DA IPL THIS YEAR I LOVE U… DIE HEART FAN DADA

Posted by GURLEEN SINGH | Report as abusive

“He had signed off in style!” Tony – A neat article and a nice ending! Looking forward to see Dada in the IPL now :)

Posted by Meenu | Report as abusive

DADA – Really we miss you in the ground, The leadership qualities avaliable in yours is excellent and the time for which it has to be utilised is really excellent
Thanks for the contribution given by you for our country through your GAME LOVE your sixer with front foot



Posted by C M Prashant | Report as abusive

@ Natasha. A typical ‘chic’ reaction !!! Thats what happens when women talk about cricket.

Posted by abhilash | Report as abusive

saurav dravid laxman failed in sri lanka,only saurav was humilated from last 2-3yrs the same happend, he was highest test scorer from india and in world and sercond one day run scorer last year he just failed in one series he thought of retire and finally he has to take decision whether live in proud aur everytime give test we all know what happend this is india

Posted by vijay khandelwal | Report as abusive

To a great skipper and a great player..
To a great Fighter and a great bowler..
India will be in debt for the services you rendered…generaly peoply have short memories, but i say here that i will tell stories of these great legendary players to my kids, when they will touch the gears…
We salute you..

Posted by albela | Report as abusive

Dada,dada,dada,dada,dada,dada,dada,dada! This new generation loves you….you have given us so much to chear about….you have tought us to fight in situations of adversities and keep our head high always and not give away the wins we deserve…..
We do not what you have planned to do next – its your choice; but I would love to see to start a cricket academy (you may call it as “Dada’s Cricket Academy – A place where dreams are created and realized!” which has training centers in Class B cities and identify and create stars from those cities….like you have identified Dhoni, Harbhajan and many others….

Posted by Sujay | Report as abusive

Well played Dada.We will remember u fondly.

Posted by Jhangora | Report as abusive

Dada is by far the best captain India has ever had. Bravo Dada. Hope Dhoni is able to fill in his shoes.

Posted by Rupal | Report as abusive

Comeon Abhilash… don say wholly abt the women… u no hoe many of them r mad jus lik u men… I’ll proudly say I’m one of them… ofcourse watvr natasha has written is not the right 1.. i being a v biiig fan of MAHARAJ, DADA
these ppl dhoni & ishant came jus few yrs back whereas dada s the 1 who carried cricket in his arms all alone wen the whole country startd dislik of this game due to match fixin…. truly he s the man who showed us how & wat is to win the match overseas. he s the man who showd us v can giv back to the ppl whovr they r several times more than wat they giv.
My most memorable moments r: dada in lord’s.. removin his shirt off & wavin it in front of those english ppl.. jus a reply to wat flintoff did in india… winnin pak series in pak … winnin aus in aus drawin series… winnnin aus in kolkata stoppin steve’s longest winnin stretch… led india till finals in 2003 WC… yuvi,viru,zaheer,bhajji evn dhoni…several others who r integral part of indian team today are found by dada & he supportd them in thick & thin… & all the reactions he giv wenevr india won.. lik once in a match he jus jumpd on yuvi & both ve falln down.. wow.. thats sourav.. thats dada.. that kind of captainship v wont get again.. hope dhoni learnt all this & do this in future…. surely v all ll miss u dada… ope to c u again rockin in ipl soon… tak care…

Posted by Kalpana Shanmugam | Report as abusive

we miss you dada

Posted by sandeep | Report as abusive

Dada you are the grate and the idol for us. we will miss you always as a brave cricketer. we proud of you.

Posted by Sidharth | Report as abusive

Guys..y bother abt may be a miscreant disguising himself in a name called Natasha..needn explain anything to a person with prejudice..bcoz it goes in to deaf’s ears..

Let’s say Bye Bye to DADA the Great! and wish him happiness in his life.

PS: We shall be able to see some action from DADA in IPL,for Kol Knightriders

Posted by Kasi | Report as abusive

Right age for dada to retire. One of th dynamic Indian captains we had! Happy retirement dada!! Hope to see u around.

Posted by Vasudha | Report as abusive

I thought to ignore that girl, called natasha or may be a ‘tamasha’!! Dear, pls, go and play with ur barbie! and never talk cricket. Dada will always be remembered for his mental toughness that helped Indian cricket to rise from its most disastrous situation and also as a batsman who is only the 2nd highest run scrorer just after Sachin. New guys has a lot to learn from him- not only cricket but also ability to overcokme the obstacles. He desrves respects. Luv you and miss you dada…

Posted by Goutam | Report as abusive

Dada is the best ever indian crickter that i have seen with his good leadership quality.i think he alwayse available to give indian cricket after his retirement.

Posted by Asif Hasan | Report as abusive

time to say good bye to dada.But i feel this was not the way he wanted to go out.Dada just chill…you are another bradman.Think it that way.My best wishes to you for your future & will miss you always……..

Posted by vineet goyal, indira college | Report as abusive

We love dada…
Surly gonna miss him…

But today seeing Yuvraj play… remineded me of Dada… 😉

Posted by Pratik | Report as abusive

saurav ganguly was best opener for indian cricket team he was very geneous and good performancer player with best captainship.indian cricket fans never forget to him.

Posted by best player with best captain | Report as abusive

its true we all are really gonna miss saurav…

its only he who taught indians to fight to fight and win
we are here to win and not to draw matches

it needs courage to remove ur T-shirt at Lords’s

he is truly a lord for all indian cricket lovers

Posted by saurav | Report as abusive

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