Michael Jackson overshadows Farrah Fawcett on a sad day

June 26, 2009

Farrah Fawcett had about four hours of headlines to herself on Thursday before Michael Jackson kicked her off the metaphorical front page. And both overshadowed Ed McMahon, who died on Tuesday.

jacko1They say celebrity deaths come in threes, but rarely do they come in such close proximity. The cancer-related deaths of former “Tonight Show” sidekick McMahon and former “Charlie’s Angel” Fawcett came as little shock, but Jackson’s was perhaps the most stunning celebrity exit since his friend Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997.

Speaking of the so-called “People’s princess,” whose death basically paralyzed Britain and large parts of the world for weeks, she stole some of the thunder of Mother Teresa, who died five days later. And forget about conductor Georg Solti, who had the misfortune to die on the same day as the saint-in-waiting.

Jackson was pronounced dead at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The former president died on June 5, 2004, and the lengthy mourning period enveloped the death of Ray Charles five days later.

Speaking of presidents, John F. Kennedy was assassinated on the same day in 1963 that “Brave New World” author Aldous Huxley and “Chronicles of Narnia” author C.S. Lewis died. 

A would-be president, Barry Goldwater, died of a stroke in 1998. But people may have been focused on the murder of former “Saturday Night Live” comic Phil Hartman at the hands of his wife the day before.

In 2003, Hollywood old-timers Katharine Hepburn and Buddy Hackett died on the same day. But sometimes, it’s a toss-up who overshadows whom. British rocker Marc Bolan of T. Rex was killed in a 1977 car crash on the same day that opera diva Maria Callas died of a heart attack.


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michael who?
five massive albums, funky dancing, ridiculous plastic surgery making a mockery of his race and gender, an increasingly bizarre attitude to the world and a possible unhealthy interest in small children……..
I wonder what he will be remembered for the most

Posted by craig | Report as abusive

craig unfortunately you’ve got three fingers pointing towards your own face…See them??
Grow up…

Posted by ali mm | Report as abusive

Farrah was a classic beauty that will never be forgotten. One of the most famous hairdo’s and pinups of her era. I am already tired of hearing about Michael, he has taken over the radio, internet and television.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

I am not attempting to discredit him in anyway. I just feel the mass media frenzy over Michael is already played out.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

I love you, Farrah.

Jonathan of Malaysia

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

What about Johnny Cash and John Ritter on 9/11/03?

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

When i heard & saw the news this morning I was @ work already, I wanted to cry soooo bad thinking that we losta alegend in the music industry.My heart is so breaking I cant help but hold back my tears. I LOVE U Micheal, I will dearly MISS U, may your soul REST IN PEACE, this world won’t be a better place without you.

Posted by Beryl | Report as abusive

A very sad day for pop
There will always be someone with a sick joke about this but they need to grow up
He was a human being produced from the love of his parents
An absolutely fantastic showman and performer
He will be greatly missed and will have a devastating effect worldwide

Posted by colin | Report as abusive

To Craig,
I will remember him for his unbelievable contribution to the music industry. No doubt for most of his life he was dogged by controversy but unfortunately that is the downside to being too famous.

Posted by The Observer | Report as abusive

Get a grip who actually cares about Michael Jackson, the way I see it, its one less kiddy molester.

Farrah Fawcett now she was a really good actress and its such a shame that she has passed away. RIP Farrah you done some great work and will never be forgotten x x

Posted by cheryl | Report as abusive

Farah was the girl many men dreamed of during the seventies and beyond, a courageous woman has gone, RIP.

Posted by Boss Hoss | Report as abusive

You were an icon of beauty and courage Farah, a true example of girlpower. May the angles be with you.

Posted by Daisy | Report as abusive

To cheryl,

Obviously a lot more people care about Michael than they do about Farrah, which is why he’s getting so much more air-time. I’m sad for both of them, but I never knew Farrah that well. MJ on the other hand was a megastar that transcended international boundaries. He was the first artist I’d ever seen perform, and I was in China back when I first saw the Motown 25 Special. His fame is known throughout the world and the tendrils of his influence extend to nearly everyone in the music and entertainment industries today. He was responsible for shaping at least two generations of popular culture. A lot of people grew up on his music and were influenced by him through life.

To lose someone like him is a massive cultural setback to the world and the impact will reverberate for years to come. Saying this was just the death of another child molester shows that you have absolutely no grasp on the importance of this immense historical figure, and also shows your poor ability in uncovering malicious lies.

MJ has had thousands, possibly tens of thousands of sick children come to his house so that he may make them happy and help them get better. His intentions were benevolent but people like you want to malign him for his appearance and strange behavior, because you fear the worst from what you don’t understand. If he really did anything bad to the kids, the cat would have been out of the bag within weeks, not years, because we all know how well kids are able to keep secrets. No amount of wine, treats, money, sweet talk or threats could have kept so many molested kids from spilling the beans unless nothing ever took place to begin with. In both accusation cases, there was significant evidence of plotting by the children’s parents to blackmail MJ.

So do a little research before you slander MJ’s good name. The man is dead now, show some respect.

Posted by Song | Report as abusive

MJ was definitely overrated and, in my opinion, a pervert. However, I’m sure it’s still sad for his family – oh well, such is life. For me, the real tragedy is Farrah Fawcett – she made such an impact in the entertainment industry. She will be truly missed.

Posted by Infectia Stype | Report as abusive

MJ was a very talented guy. I’m only 20 years old and I grew up with his music and still listen to it today. And I agree with Song, do your research!! You can tell he was set up, and that isn’t what ALL people will remember!!!

Posted by Shay | Report as abusive

[…] Yesterday we lost two of our dearest pop-culture icons. Farah Fawcett, the subject of the best selling poster of all time and Michael Jackson, the musical force behind the best selling album of all time. Their untimely passings brought their extraordinary achievements into focus, and made me wonder, will anyone ever sell 12 million posters or 45 million albums ever again? It seems unlikely. […]

Posted by R.I.P. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer June 26, 2009 | MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer | Report as abusive

Both celebrities made an impact with older generations, todays generation will remember MJ more so. Farrah had her self together and knew what she wanted, her past was close to normal and the fame took her in, but kept a even keel and unfortunately was struck down by cancer. Michael Jackson was a poor lost soul that never had a childhood due to the fathers relentless goal to make his children his meal ticket. MJ was extremely talented and I believe had to go into his own world of bizarre behavier just to escape the pressure. He was an innocent child in his own mind and never got the chance to grow up. May they both RIP.

Posted by Rich | Report as abusive

[…] Yesterday we lost two of our dearest pop-culture icons. Farah Fawcett, the subject of the best selling poster of all time and Michael Jackson, the musical force behind the best selling album of all time. Their untimely passings brought their extraordinary achievements into focus, and made me wonder, will anyone ever sell 12 million posters or 45 million albums ever again? It seems unlikely. […]

Posted by Get your News » Shelly Palmer: R.I.P. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer June 26, 2009 | Report as abusive

Groucho Marx died only three days before Elvis Presley in August 1977. Understandably but unfortunately, Marx’s death received very little media attention.

The same goes for Robert Mitchum, who died the day before Jimmy Stewart.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

The media coverage of Jackson’s death is over the top. There is a related post at http://iamsoannoyed.com/?p=1957

Posted by carly | Report as abusive

having grown up with the J5, i prefer to remember him for his talent and musical contributions. and not what were obviously mental health problems later on in his life.

Posted by jane | Report as abusive

I always thought that the media were to be unbiased, reporting equitably, but that concept has proven to be non-existent in the deaths of Farrah Faucett and Michael Jackson. They seem to claim that the bigger the star THEY think you are the more coverage they will give you. What they fail to realize is that maybe both celebrities have an equal fan following. Maybe Farrah’s fans aren’t as outspoken as Jackson’s. I think it was wrong that the media, who started to cover Ms. Faucetts’ death as a big deal suddenly stopped her coverage as soon as they learned of Jackson’s death. It was almost like Farrah’s death didn’t matter anymore,

Posted by Doug Hosie | Report as abusive

And don’t forget Jim Henson (Muppets creator) who was overshadowed by the death of Sammy Davis, Jr. who died on the same day (May 16, 1990).

Posted by Jemma | Report as abusive

The loss of Farrah is indead sad. However, we have been expecting her to pass for months how. The unexpected death of Michael being such a shock is why his news overpowered Farrah’s. Both will be truly missed. My heart goes out to all family members involved.

Posted by Emyleen | Report as abusive

Farrah Fawcett arrives at the pearly gates and Saint Peter Grants her one

wish, so she thinks for a minute and says “I wish all the children in the

world to be safe”.

The next day Micheal Jackson dies from heart attack.

Posted by MOBIUS | Report as abusive

With genius sometimes comes eccentricity, MJ was both.

Posted by Sherry A | Report as abusive

McMahon and Fawcett are far bigger to me personally. I don’t really know the Michael Jackson that died yesterday. Only those involved will know the truth about the child molesting allegations. I have my serious doubts, I tend to see it as gold digging.
He was more of a characature than the person we watched grow up. He was clearly embarrassed of his race when he should have been proud. That is shameful.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Rather than being cremated, Jacko is being melted down and turned into lego. That way the kids can play with him for a change.

Posted by MOBIUS | Report as abusive

Not for me, it was a Farrah poster I had on my wall as a teen. What a woman!

Posted by Julian | Report as abusive

Don’t forget Dudley Moore’s death being overshadowed by the death of Milton Berle.

Posted by Greg | Report as abusive

I saw Michael as a great person,thoroughly gifted and having the oppurtunities to show his gifts.Music changed greatly,due to his influence.As for the allegations….God alone knows.But if he ever did those things and forsook them,who are we to judge.Some of us have terrible skeletons we want noone to know about.Try living your entire life in front of the whole world!May his soul rest in peace,God’s peace.And may it be well with his children and family.

Posted by ekanem | Report as abusive

Farrah’s death was expected, especially for anyone who watched her documentary. The media’s reaction to Mike’s death follows the fans’ reaction. News of his illness and death slowed the internet to a crawl yesterday. MJ’s fans span from old people who listened to him as a child to many young people who are still learning of him today. So many of my friends are telling me that their kids, aged 5-10 are devastated at the loss of MJ and his fan base is worldwide. It’s just different. At least one person was lucky yesterday – SC Gov. Sanford.

Posted by tina | Report as abusive

i suspect that, since there’s more celebrities than ever right now, it’s going to seem like a lot are passing on around the same time; RIP in any case

Posted by D. Anderson | Report as abusive

I grew up a big fan of Michael Jackson and was also a fan of Farrah. I think it is sad they both died. She was a beautiful actress and he was a great singer. I feel like more of my childhood is gone now. I hope they have happiness wherever they may be.

Posted by sacha | Report as abusive

Your are embrassment to the human race as a whole. How can you say someone is an embrassment to a race? Yeah, I may not agree on how Michael lived his life but he is still a human being. Every one needs to stop always looking at the bad in people and find something (anything) that is good. Maybe if Michael had those kind of people around him, it may have inspired him to change his life. Have you ever thought of that!!!!!!

Posted by Shonda | Report as abusive

I show all his conserts in London over the years,and would take too long to write the praise he deserves but what conserns me in all this,with all his fans crying is, has everyone forgotten who will miss him most.
A doting father to the children who loved him.
To all his millions of fans forget your own wailing and send your heart out to his children

Posted by frances treagus | Report as abusive

I was noticing myself that Farrah Fawcett only received a few hours of attention before everything went over to Michael Jackson. Both celebrities were very important to America (and World). Farrah who was a 70’s icon, and almost everybody knows Charlie’s Angeles (even if it was the film with Cameron Diaz) and of course, Michael Jackson for being the pop Icon.

I came across a website that lets you say your ‘goodbye’ to both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, AND even Ed McMahon (who was also overshadowed and played a huge part as an American TV celebrity). You can share your stories, etc.

Rest in peace, all three of you – Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon!

Posted by LAChic | Report as abusive

I am sad today not only because of the death of Michael Jackson but also for the passing of Farrah Fawcett. In the passing of Farrah Fawcett, the public had time to get used to the impending event whereas with Michael Jackson, it was sudden and without warning. I grew up with both of them as part of the cultural landscape but, I must say, that Michael Jackson changed the world with his music and leaves the world a legacy of his enormous talent. Yes, he was eccentric and had his problems, but you still cannot deny his musical genius or the respect the man is due because he was and IS an American icon.

Thank you.

Posted by Quwana | Report as abusive

For all his short falls, MJ was probably the most talented entertainer/ singer ever. And a great dancer as well. He will be missed.

Posted by Dawn | Report as abusive

You forgot that Gianni Versace also died (was killed) the month before Dianna. Gianni in July, Dianna in August and Mother Teresa and Georg Solti in September.

Posted by Susan | Report as abusive

Sky Saxon of the Seeds also died the same day as FF, MJ and Ed. “Pushin too Hard” and “I can’t seem to make you mine” were great garage rock numbers

Posted by Fiona Ortiz | Report as abusive

to the family of farrah,
our families heart is so broken from the loss of such a beautiful person.
ryan and redmond, you don’t know us, but be asure that our hearts are with you now and for always.

love forever.
julia and lorna ferguson
mother and daughter

Posted by lorna ferguson | Report as abusive

I think Farrah was so brave in dealing with her disease. My father was very brave too fighting bone cancer which had started in the lungs everyone always thought he would live forever but he fought as bravely as Farrah but no one went through it other than my father more gracefully than Farrah Fawcett. My heart goes out to Ryan O’Neil and Redmond it will take a long time for the wound to heal.

Posted by Lee Magnus | Report as abusive

it was a very sad day…losing 2 icons. Another death overshadowed was Groucho Marx who died 3 days after Elvis.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

it’s really shocking to hear the death of MJ :(

Posted by leon | Report as abusive

RIP Farrah. You’ll be missed, and I sure, appreciated for the icon you became. Gone too soon.

Posted by Farrah Fawcett Poster | Report as abusive

it is a shame

Posted by mickey | Report as abusive

to farrahs loved ones, she may now be with her maker ryan and redmond, keep loving and laughing, remember how brave she was. when you look into the night sky and see that beautiful star or step out into the warmth of the sun embrace it cause shes there with you. sorry for your lose. god be with you both. love and god bless kate

Posted by kate osullivan | Report as abusive

actually, farrah tv specials got higher rating than michael. so that tells you farrah still got it. rest in peace beautiful angel.

Posted by joe | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett were both icons in their own right. Both popular. Both extraordinary. Both had long careers spanding over thirty years. My point, they were both loved around the world nationally and internationally. However, Michael Jackson is more controversial and unfortunately drama, scandal and unusual lifestlye draws more attention.

Posted by MG Buy | Report as abusive

Fawcett was the biggest star in the world for anybody who was a child of the 1970s. She was phenomenal, her image was everywhere. People who weren’t around then don’t realize how dull and dreary and sparse the media was then compared to now. There was absolutely nobody on television who was as fresh and natural yet exquisitely perfect and feminine as Farrah Fawcett-Majors. She had a soft coo of a voice and a smile that could take your breath away. Then there was the, uh, bralessness. But she was also probably the best face of feminism in the ERA decade where the stereotype of strong woman was drab unionized workers, aging suffragette types, or lesbians. I mean no offense whatsoever, but that was sadly the limiting popular perception of strong women and flirty Fawcett, crackling Kate Jackson and cool Jaclyn Smith showed you could be strong and self-determined and the equal of any man while epitomizing, redefining glamour and sexiness. As perfect and high-maintenance as it sometimes looked, her hair was soft and it moved and bounced. In an age before the physical enhancements that are commonplace now, Fawcett set an impossible standard for women to achieve or men to attain, yet she did it in an inspiringly wholesome, fresh, athletic, healthy way and the camaraderie and humor between the three gave them an approachability even if they otherwise seemed ethereal. Nobody since has captivated me with the magic of “Charlie’s Angels”, particularly the original three, and—head and shoulders above the rest—Farrah Fawcett.

Posted by J T | Report as abusive

River Phoenix and Fellini both died on Halloween 1993. As huge as Fellini was he died at a good old age and to this day I am still shocked that River Phoenix’s life was cut short. In the US I don’t remember anybody really talking about Fellini’s death at all, because everybody was devastated about River Phoenix.

Posted by bb | Report as abusive

Don’t know really what to say in so many words except that I felt Farrah was left alone in the shadow of Michael Jackson’s death and it just bothered me so much I had to say something. I watch Farrah on Charlie’s Angels years ago and enjoyed the programme and after that just here and there in her career. Michael Jackson the same actually – thought he was a terrific dancer, loved Thriller and that was about it for me except for hearing about him hear and there in the news. Both had their own unique talent and therefore should be equally respected.

Thank you.

Posted by Anna Stevens | Report as abusive

MOBIUS commented above that because of Fawcett’s sad death, MJ was called to Heaven on account of her wish — that the world be sage from predators. So, I guess now that Predator show won’t be coming on again since the world is so safe now and Woody Allen will be divorcing his daughter. Wow. What power to have such a wish granted.

Posted by marais morris | Report as abusive

A fan of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. May they both rest in peace. Michael Jackson’s death was a shock to the world and truly a tremendous loss to the world.

It was sad to learn of Farrah Fawcett’s illness approx. 3 years ago and over the years, months, weeks and days her days came to an end. I’m glad she is no longer suffering and is at rest now. She was truly an inspiration.

Michael Jackson touched people all over the world with his music and his talent. There will never be another Michael Jackson.

Regardless of all the allegations and rumors of him being “broke” — those things do not matter because he will be remembered for what he contributed to the world. His talent, his music and his message of caring for people will be the things that everyone will remember about Michael Jackson. Those other topics are only after thoughts. Rest in peace Michael. You will be GREATLY MISSED!!!!!!

Posted by Donna | Report as abusive

The fact that this article was even written shows the insensitivity of the media. These people are humans with people who love them. I’m sure Farrah’s family weren’t thinking too much about Michael Jackson’s death at all. For you (the writer of this article and Reuters) to make such a comparison proves that you’re leeches.

Screw what the public thinks. Michael and Farrah’s families lost a loved ones. Although we are sad, it does not compare to the pain of Farrah’s son or the pain of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson.

You guys need to be a bit more sensitive!! And have a little bit more class!!

Posted by Disgusted | Report as abusive

celebrity deaths are always high profile, especially when they are well known. i grew up with both michael and farrah and enjoyed their special talents. my symphathy goes out to both families. they will be missed. godspeed

Posted by john | Report as abusive

This isn’t the first time two notable people passed on the same day, but somehow these two were the most shocking.Both were legendary pop culture figures, and both and one time symbolized glowing vitality..Farrah with that lions mane of hair, golden skin, and dazzling smile,that adorned millions of walls on that famous poster, and started a hair trend, the likes of which have never been equaled, and Michael with his unforgetable music, and extraordinary dance skills.

On a side note, I don’t know if Michael and Farrah ever met, but they shared a connection through Tatum O’Neal, who dated Michael in her teens, and is of course, the daughter of Ryan O’Neal

Posted by KLB | Report as abusive


Posted by LA.LOVE | Report as abusive

I was a fan of all three of those people, however I don’t see anything peculiar in the amount of coverage they get. There is simply no comparison of the impact Michael Jackson had on the world of entertainment with the impact od Farrah or Ed McMahon.

They were all celebrities – but Michael was waaaay more than that. He literally changed the world of entertainment, and was a true pioneer, innovator. His troubles would never make news without his sheer genius.

Posted by Wanda Loskot | Report as abusive

I am struck by the irony of the death of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the exact same day. Though they seem to be polar opposites in many ways, they have some things in common—the obvious one is that both were icons of the 70s and 80s. They reflected so many things about our interests, tastes, indeed our culture during those decades. Farrah was the embodiment of a natural beauty, a tan, blond, Barbie doll type of beauty that was truly the ideal of that time. Michael on the other hand, became famous for his creativity—his genius for singing and songwriting that embodied the spirit of his generation so well.

So they were famous for different things, but each seemed to yearn desperately for what the other had—Farrah strived to achieve a higher level of creative talent where Michael seemed to form an obsession with achieving some sort of Barbie doll beauty. While Farrah achieved some success in her creative endeavors, it was really her beauty that was her talent, and which she seemed to take for granted. Perhaps it’s easy to be beautiful—you are just born that way. But I would venture to say that she had a talent to project an irresistible energy in front of the camera that really reflected a unique talent. As for the creative endeavors, the acting, the “painting”, they simply paled in comparison to the talent that was Farrah in front of a camera. But she seemed dissatisfied being known just for that.

Michael, on the other hand, continued to perform creatively for most of his life, but in later years, that seemed to take a backseat to his face sculpting project that he eventually took to a rather grotesque extreme. I don’t think he ever anticipated that in all his efforts to achieve his ideal of beauty, he would achieve much the opposite. And furthermore, the pain he must have endured with so much surgery must have been quite distracting from his creative efforts. His struggles to deal with this pain through medication so that he could focus on his work may have ultimately been what led to his demise.

In the end, Michael’s story seems to be the more tragic, but both reflect a lot about our perfection obsessed culture today. We simply cannot accept ourselves as we are and embrace our true selves, our true talents, and be satisfied with that. We need to strive for an unattainable perfection in every arena—academic, professional, physical, intellectual. I don’t mean that it’s wrong to strive to better ourselves—of course that’s the American way—but I do think that, overall, we as a society have begun to take our desire for perfection to a dangerous extreme.

Posted by Susie Smith | Report as abusive

This comment is towards ‘joe june 27th’ how the hell does farrah get more ratings in specials than michael when the king was on gma,nightline,dateline,48 hours,today,and if there were a morningline he’d be on that too. you cant comepare the two at all. a couple years from now farrah will be forgotten and michael still king and talked about. now farrahs family culd be desparate to get attention and run a lil show about her but that wuld give her half of 1% compared to how much attention the king wuld (and has already gotten and will continue to get).-rest in paradise michael jackson. rip farrah fawcett

Posted by a.c.m | Report as abusive

the coverage of farah fawcett’s death in my opinion was appropriate. ms. fawcetts iconic fame revolved mainly around her pin up vision that(blonde hair, blue eyes) was the ultimate look of beauty. this was a false message that was fed and eaten by many millions. there are so many versions of beauty her exploited barbie doll looks can probably be attributed to the sad reason so many women have low self esteem and are opting for cosmetic surgery trying to improve upon the beauty they were born. can anyone tell me if farah ever used her celebrity to raise millions of dollars for charity. how many people did farahs celeb keep employed as michael jackson’s concerts, videos, cd’s, and philanthropic endeavors employed thousands. michael jackson not only changed the landscape of pop music he created it and brought prosperity back to an industry that was in financial straits. one could say that money and fame interrupted his genius but.. it could also be said that money and fame gave him the opportunity many wish they had… the chance to live out fantasy, be who you want and not have to answer to anyone but the Man above. farah fawcetts life was celebrated and her contributions to this society were given their just due. the same goes for Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson.

Posted by TWILA BALARA | Report as abusive

He’s truly a star. Irreplaceable. That’s why he overshadowed Farah.

Tragic,sad and shock ending to his life. No matter what, he’s truly entertainer, irreplaceable and all his successful story will be remembered.

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

The frist time I saw MJ was on an award show and I was about 8 or 9 the song was Dangerous and the frist question out of my mouth after, “Who’s he?” was “Why dose he look like a girl?” I have only 2 regrets now that I’m 18, 1 never getting to met him, and 2 ASKING THAT STUPID QUESTION!!!
Now that he’s gone I feel like half my life has gone with him and it will never be replased all I feel is pain, saddness, and I just don’t know how to cope with this. If all of us are having so much trouble copping with this imagine how his family is copping!
Well now I hope you’ve met all of your loving and supportting fans on your way home. We all know you will be there, we know we are not alone, and we know that you will come runnin if we need you. God bless you MJ! you’ve inspired me and a lot of others!!!
Andrea Brow
PS I pray rember the good not the bad!

Posted by andrea | Report as abusive

Michael did not die…..This is a conspiracy so he can go home. Long live Micheal and his little friends,

Posted by Mandy | Report as abusive

Why doesn’t anyone get the date of Mother Teresa’s passing right? She did not die 5 days after Princess Diana. Diana was killed on August 31, and Mother Teresa died on September 1st – a day apart. Like Michael Jackson did over Farrah, Mother Teresa’s death was overshadowed by the death of Princess Diana. Mother Teresa, however, would have wanted it no different. She wasn’t about any type of fanfare

Posted by Meme | Report as abusive

[…] just read this article http://blogs.reuters.com/fanfare/2009/06  /26/michael-jackson-overshadows-farrah- fawcett-on-a-sad-day/ about how Michael Jackson overshadowed Farrah Fawcetts […]

Posted by American Media Goes Bananas when Celebrities Pass On | Ayshah Kindt-Maiorano | Report as abusive