Syria death toll climbs to 93,000

June 13, 2013

UN raises death toll in Syria, Iran’s hardline candidates split the vote, and China stays out of Snowden controversy. Today is Thursday, June 13, a sad milestone in Syria’s civil war. Here is the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Iran, the United States and ‘the cup of poison’

June 12, 2013

Iranian foreign minister urges “broad discussions” with U.S, a former NSA officer gives Snowden sage advice, and Greece shutters its state media to slash spending. Today is Wednesday, June 12, 49 years after Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison for his anti-apartheid efforts. This is the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Shades of gray among Iran’s presidential candidates

June 12, 2013

Few foreign leaders are as provocative as Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Known for railing against the West in U.N. speeches, Ahmadinejad is an internationally recognizable mainstay of Iranian politics. Now his term is coming to a close, and on Friday Iran will choose a new president to lead a country in the throes of nuclear negotiations and hard-hit by sanctions.

Turkish police clash with protesters in central square

June 11, 2013

Turkish riots threaten the market, Britain ramps up security ahead of G8 meeting, and Syria’s war enters a new phase. Today is Tuesday, June 11, the 504th  anniversary of the not-so-happy marriage of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

NSA whistleblower picks poor hideout

June 10, 2013

The NSA leaker may not escape U.S. reach, Turkish prime minister plays Islamist card, and Iran’s supreme leader hopes for voter turnout in an election he watered down. Today is Monday, June 10, 261 years after Benjamin Franklin flew his kite in a thunderstorm. Here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Hacking allegations on the docket as Obama meets Chinese president

June 7, 2013

Talks between Obama and Xi could get testy, North Korea’s ready to make nice, and Putin’s strange marriage ends strangely. We hope you enjoy a deep-fried treat on this National Donut Day, Friday, June 7. Here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

from David Rohde:

Iran’s election will not be tweeted

June 7, 2013

Co-authored by Clare Richardson.

As Iran’s tightly-controlled June 14th presidential election approaches, observers worldwide are scouring the Web for tweets, photos and videos that offer hints of events inside the country. Yet to the dismay of overseas opposition groups, the Iranian government has mounted a sophisticated -- and so far largely successful -- effort to choke off Internet access inside the country.

Young Tibetan mothers among those who set themselves on fire

June 6, 2013

A young Tibetan mother’s self immolation is investigated, the ultra-Orthodox clash with secular Jews in Israel, and Erdogan takes a slightly softer attitude towards protesters. Today is Thursday, June 6, commemorated by many as D-Day. This is the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner.

Protesters clash with police in protests against Turkish PM

June 5, 2013

Riots rage despite Turkish deputy prime minister’s apology, Syrian rebels lose strategic town, and U.S. soldier pleads guilty in Afghanistan killing spree. Today is Wednesday, June 5, and we’re wishing the Marshall Plan a happy 66th anniversary. Here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Turkish deputy PM apologizes for police force

June 4, 2013

Turkish deputy PM calls police violence ‘wrong and unfair,’ U.N. believes chemical weapons were used in Syria, and North Korean envoy ignores China’s suggestions. Today is Tuesday, June 4, and this is the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner.