U.S. official snubbed in Egypt visit

July 15, 2013

Senior U.S. official visits Egypt for first time since Mursi’s removal, report says Germany knew of U.S. spying, and Spanish PM embroiled in financing scandal. Today is Monday, July 15, and this is the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Assassination shifts Syrian rebel focus to al Qaeda

July 12, 2013

Syrian rebels face off with Islamist militants, controversial Indian politician poised for a comeback, and Ireland votes in landmark abortion law.

Ramadan celebrations bring change of pace to protests

July 11, 2013

Ramadan festivities begin amid protests, U.S. to send Egypt F-16s, and Biden appeals to China’s self-interest. Today is Thursday, July 11, and we’re wishing our Muslim readers a Ramadan Mubarak. Here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

How Pentagon payroll problems harm wounded veterans

July 10, 2013

A Reuters report exposes massive Pentagon inefficiencies, details of Asiana crash revealed, and U.S.-China cyber talks make progress. Today is Wednesday, July 10, and here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

U.S. considers “zero option” for Afghanistan

July 9, 2013

Obama reportedly considers pulling all Afghanistan troops, Egypt plans quick elections, and inquiry reveals bin Laden’s life on the run. Today is Tuesday, July 9, two years since the birth of the world’s newest nation, and this is the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

More than 50 killed during Egypt protest as political process hits roadblocks

July 8, 2013

Egypt demonstrations take a fatal turn, pilot of doomed Asiana plane was in training, and details emerge on a train derailment in Quebec. Today is Monday, July 8. Here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner

Egypt’s constitution suspended as military takes charge

July 3, 2013

Egypt’s Mursi faces off with army, plane raid for Snowden angers Bolivia, and Canada makes arrests in al Qaeda-inspired plot. Today is Wednesday, July 3. Here’s the last World Wrap of the week – we’ll be off in observance of the July 4th holiday- brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Egypt’s Mursi rejects 48-hour ultimatum

July 2, 2013

Egyptian army gives Mursi two days or else, Reuters reporter injured in U.S. invasion returns to Baghdad, and Snowden breaks his silence. Today is Tuesday, July 2, and this is the World Wrap,  brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Millions demand ouster of Egyptian president

July 1, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood HQ overrun after weekend protests, U.S. accused of spying on allies, and government forces bombard Homs, Syria. Today is Monday, July 1, a day to sing Oh, Canada. Here’s the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.

Egypt nears boiling point ahead of weekend protests

June 28, 2013

Egypt’s opposition plans massive demonstrations, South African protesters target Obama, and Syria peace talk date slips again. Today is Friday, June 28 – a good day to #FF @ReutersWorld – and this is the World Wrap, brought to you by @dwbronner and @clarerrrr.