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Jun 27, 2013

Egypt’s Mursi offers to listen, opponents unimpressed

CAIRO (Reuters) – President Mohamed Mursi offered opponents a say in amending Egypt’s constitution, but railed against “enemies” he accused of undermining the new democracy in a defiant speech ahead of mass protests planned to demand that he step down.

As the Islamist head of state ended a marathon televised address early on Thursday, liberals said they had heard nothing new, including any offer to include them in committees to draft institutional reforms and study “national reconciliation”.

Jun 27, 2013

Mursi offers constitution change before protests

CAIRO (Reuters) – President Mohamed Mursi offered opponents a say on Wednesday in amending a controversial new constitution and a forum to seek “national reconciliation”, as he sought to avert a violent showdown in the streets.

In a televised address lasting more than two and a half hours, the Islamist head of state blamed loyalists of fallen dictator Hosni Mubarak for the “paralysis” that has marked his first year in office but also offered an olive branch to opponents that also seemed to address demands from the army.

Jun 26, 2013

Clashes in Egypt as Mursi readies speech

CAIRO (Reuters) – Two people were killed and dozens injured in street fighting on Wednesday north of Cairo between supporters and opponents of Egypt’s Islamist president, hours before Mohamed Mursi was to address the nation.

With Egypt gripped by fears of a showdown between Islamists and their opponents, security sources said 90 people wounded in the city of Mansoura after hundreds of men were involved in rock-throwing street skirmishes. Witnesses also heard gunfire.

Jun 25, 2013

How to oust a president, Egyptian-style: Part Two

CAIRO (Reuters) – Hearing their bright-eyed talk around a cafe table of a peaceful new Egyptian revolution, you might dismiss Mahmoud Badr and the other young instigators of a petition asking for a new president as hopeless dreamers.

Except they managed it once before – Cairo twentysomethings just like these, in their deck shoes and Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts, checking iPads and puffing on low-tar Marlboros over Turkish coffee, a few blocks from Tahrir Square.

Jun 23, 2013

Two dead, as Egyptians clash ahead of rallies

CAIRO (Reuters) – A man was shot dead in overnight clashes north of Cairo between supporters and opponents of Egypt’s Islamist government, security sources said, raising tensions ahead of big opposition rallies planned next Sunday.

A second man, also an Islamist supporter, died of gunshot wounds sustained in clashes south of the capital some days before and rival parties traded blame for the violence. The ruling Muslim Brotherhood described both dead men as “martyrs”.

Jun 22, 2013

Mursi’s controversial Islamist Luxor governor to quit -party

CAIRO, June 22 (Reuters) – The governor of Egypt’s Luxor
province, controversially appointed despite belonging to a
hardline Islamist group that massacred 58 tourists in Luxor in
1997, will step down on Sunday “for the sake of Egypt”, the
group said.

President Mohamed Mursi of the moderate Islamist Muslim
Brotherhood infuriated many last Monday with his appointment of
Adel Mohamed al-Khayat, reaching out for a political alliance
with the more radical al-Gamaa al-Islamiya ahead of a big wave
of opposition-led protests expected to start on June

Jun 22, 2013

Hardliners call on Luxor governor to quit after Mursi defense

CAIRO (Reuters) – A hardline Islamist group called on Saturday on one of its members to resign as governor of Luxor “for the sake of Egypt” despite President Mohamed Mursi defending the appointment.

Mursi infuriated many Egyptians this week by swearing in al-Gamaa al-Islamiya’s Adel Mohamed al-Khayat as governor of the town where members of the group massacred 58 tourists at a pharaonic temple in 1997.

Jun 17, 2013

Protests to give new turn to Egypt revolution

CAIRO (Reuters) – Does Egypt face a new revolution?

Millions hope so, it seems; they have signed a national petition demanding the president resign and plan to take to the streets on June 30, when Mohamed Mursi marks a year in office.

Their slogan is a call for revolt: “Tamarud – Rebel!”

But for all the simmering discontent with the Islamist who has presided over political and economic paralysis, millions more are ready to defend Egypt’s first freely elected leader; they say those campaigning for him to quit are agents of the old regime and plan their own pro-Mursi rallies starting Friday.

May 14, 2013

Telecom Egypt aims for 3 to 4 pct growth in 2013 -CEO

CAIRO, May 14 (Reuters) – Telecom Egypt (TE)
expects three to four percent growth in revenues in 2013, at
least doubling that in the first quarter as it struggles to deal
with the decline of its fixed-line business and an economy in

The state monopoly has been battling to raise its share of a
developing mobile phone market in the Arab world’s most populous
country, but is still waiting to launch a new operator that
would rival its existing joint venture with Vodafone and
the sector’s two other players.

May 11, 2013

Egypt says thwarts suicide attack on foreign embassy

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian security forces thwarted an al Qaeda-linked group’s plan to carry out a suicide attack on a foreign embassy and captured several militants, the interior minister said on Saturday.

Mohamed Ibrahim, speaking in a televised news conference, declined to say which embassy had been targeted. He named three suspected members of the cell now under arrest.