On location in Tibet

March 14, 2008

Tibet protests

It’s not every day you see military personnel on the streets of Tibet and it’s certainly not every day that we receive picture of it. So, when a You Witness contributor (who prefers not to be named due to the sensitivity of the story) sent in three dramatic images of exactly that, they were quickly sent off to our chief photographer in China who contacted him directly to seek permission and arrange payment for using the images on the Reuters Pictures Wire service. In total, 12 images from this You Witness contributor have been sent to an international audience via the Reuters Pictures Wire.

View other You Witness images that have moved on the Reuters wire here.

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Good to see that some You Witness News contributors are appreciated, and paid for their efforts….

Posted by MIchael Millhollin | Report as abusive

The more images out of Tibet the better.

Unfortunately, in Lhasa you do see the military on the streets every day. The military has a massive presence and several facilities in Lhasa. Troops are on the streets every day but in varied deployments.

It will be interesting to see the other images as it would tell us a lot about the purpose of the “convoy” and backup.

Any uncensored images out of Tibet help us understand the problems there. Additional text on the event would help readers.

Posted by arthur thomas | Report as abusive

Some day the Chinese people will realize that the 29 intellectuals and scholars who published an open letter to the Chinese government urging a reform of Tibet policy are heroes. I am deeply concerned about their welfare, as these brave moral leaders will almost certainly be punished by the Chinese government for their outspoken criticism of the government’s brutal Tibetan policy.

Olympic sponsors include McDonnalds, VolksWagen, CocaCola, Lenova (watches,) Samsung, Adidas, Omega.

I don’t know about you, but I will think of the Tibetans being repressed, beaten, tortured, and killed every time I consider purchasing a product produced by these companies. Every time.
Webmasters, bloggers, blog posters and BBS posters, please use the following code on your website, blogs, and posts, substituting ‘v’ brackets for “L” brackets. [a href="http://www.freetibet.org/"] “I support the Tibetan people in their struggle for religious freedom and human rights [/A]

I support the Tibetan people in their struggle for religious freedom and human rights

Viral marketing for Tibetan rights can help! -http://www.freetibet.org


Zhao Ziyang and Hu Yaobang were Chinese Communist party leaders who wanted freedom for all citizens of China-including the Tibetans, and the people who demonstrated in Tianenmen Square and who were killed or jailed for it. They were kicked out of their leadership roles by the hardliners, kept incommunicado, and placed under house arrest for the remainder of their lives.

The Olympic torch was lit recently in China, but it isn’t the torch the Chinese people wanted. Their torch was held aloft by their statue of the Goddess of Liberty, the one that they built. That torch was torn down, and the people were attacked and killed or jailed by the “People’s” army in Tiananmen square in 1989.

Young adults in China today know nothing of this, because the Chinese government propaganda machine has vilified the hundred thousand patriots who demonstrated for freedom that day, and dismissed them as a few anti-social hooligans. This process is, of course, taking place today in China, only it is currently directed against the Tibetan demonstrators and the Dalai Lama. If the Tiananmen Square demonstrators had been successful in reforming the Chinese government, I doubt if there would have been the demonstrations in Tibet, because the people of Tibet would probably have had far fewer grievances.

You can see a photo of the “Goddess of Liberty” and read about the Tiananmen Square massacre on Wikipedia- just Google: Wikipedia Tiananmen Square Massacre

Now the Chinese government, run by the very same people who conducted the Tiananmen Square Massacre and then lied about it, asks us to believe that the pacifistic Buddhist monks of Tibet are preparing to become suicide bombers.

I see that Hu Jintao has been swotting up on Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler, with particular attention to “The Big Lie.” Read all about it by Googling: Wikipedia the big lie .

Posted by Tim Dunn | Report as abusive

Maybe China could spare a few troops, at their expense for Iraq and Afghanistan. Religion seems to attract trouble like garbage attracts flies.

What exactly is it that Tibet wants? Freedom to do what? Can only wonder why China wants Tibet. Do all governments like all religions have world domination as their goal? Isn’t the conflict in Tibet who will rule Tibet, China or the Dalia Lama?

Good picture. Could have been taken in Baghdad, Afghanistan, Islamabad or Texas, both past and present couldn’t it?


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