Where are you going to be on election day?

October 21, 2008


Do you want to show the world what it looks like from your voting station?

We are inviting citizen photojournalists to send in their best photographs related to the presidential election. If you think your photo captures the election in an innovative way, please send it to pics@reuters.com or upload it here.

The best images will be put together into a slideshow of readers’ images.

Be sure to include your contact details and an explanation of the event you are capturing.


Should this image not have a photographers credit?


I am a blackhawk crewchief,and am leaving in just a few days after the election to continue the fight to keep my homeland safe for all of us willing to get involved in our political opportunities,whether REPUBLICAN democrat,liberal or conservative.Its our right and a privlage many americans take for granted,but i am real dissapointed in the way these elections have gone from positive speaches to mudslinging personal attacks one one another.
The most enjoyable part of this whole campaign was the annual roast both candidates attended.
The respect they showed one another was SOOO good feeling.
If there was more applauding the other parties desire to make America a better place instead of trying to make them out to look like some kind of MONSTER wanting to destroy the world,everyone from our children`s innocent minds to the hard working middle of the road man,to the retired grandparents that have given everything,i think we would all actually enjoy and have a sence of pride and confidence that whom ever DOES get elected,they respect one another enough to make the american feel confident that we will be ok,and they WILL work together to take care of my tax dollar,and my childs future.
Thank you,and good luck to you on whom ever you vote for,just make sure you vote from your heart.


Working the election as a checker. I have been working in the polling places for a few years now , and really enjoy it , although it is a long day , going from 400 am to 900 pm or so. But I love to see people voting especially when this is a critical time period in our History, and enjoy hearing comments . This will be a long and historic day and I look forward to working again, in what will be a very busy day I’m sure.


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