Auschwitz in black and white

January 30, 2009

By using black and white to photograph the museum at Auschwitz, Carmine Flamminio has created a haunting image that details the textures and tones of this pile of human hair.

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It is so important to never forget the Holocaust.Es muy importante nunca olvidar el Holocausto.

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this was one of the most tragic and disgusting events in human history. its important for the world to never let anything like this happen again on any scale. regardless of who is the one coducting it and what their reasons are. that is why it is important to end the occupation of gaza, tibet, kashmir and bring a real solution to the conflicts in africa and afghanistan. man kind has put men on the moon and sent them to the bottomless pits of the seas and yet here we are still killing on another in massive numbers.

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The holocaust was and is the suffering of human beings, that deserves Respect and Wisdom to talk about it.In my humble and personal opinion the Holocaust is an example of radicalism and fanatism apart the political issues, so far from Dialogue, Coexistence, Respect and Freedom inherents values belonging to all of us as Human Beings.

Posted by Maria Graciela Lazaro de Ortecho | Report as abusive

no wonder why israelis, the children of holocaust survivors, will not negotiate with hamas or any other organisation or nation which denies its right to exists, threatens to “drive jews into the sea,” and calls the holocaust a fabrication. when palestinians pay more attention to bishop chacour than to islamofascist demagogues, perhaps the region can enjoy some peace and equanimity

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The stigma of the holocaust will haunt the collective memories of western civilization for untold generations. Man in his quest for glory and fame, and perhaps evil for the sake of evil, commited the most abominal error ever commited by an advanced society, the attempt to destroy itself by selecting a surogate group to destroy that which mirrored the very qualities and essence of the ascent of human beings from the lowly evolutionary protosplasm from which they descended.


let’s not ignore what is happening in palestine as we speak. it is a modern day holocaust. however in this holocaust, there are no gas chambers and numerous concentration camp. instead there are 2 large concentration camps in the form of gaza and the west bank. instead of using gas chambers, the denial of food, medical supplies, and the most basic needs for survival are being denied and that is used to create a slow death for millions of people. its sad that israel would dare use the tragedy of the holocaust to carry out their own.

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It is not Holocaust.It is horrible what Hamas is doing to thir own people with a little help of their friends like Hezbollah , Siria and Iran.Hope Palestine in GAZA people awake from the opression they are suffering from Hamas and support Abbas way or any moderate road , at leat as a say NO to radicalism, and fanatism that is using religion,basic needs of their people, the fear of their own people, and not working for the belhalf of palestine population , contrary.

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Hamas is doing nothing to their own people, the Israelis are doing it all by cutting Gaza off from the outside world. It is the Warsaw Ghetto in Palestine.Abbas is still a member of the PLO which also does not recognize Israel. The Al-Agsa Martyr Brigades, who broke the ceasefire after the election of Hamas, is a Fatah affiliated organization, of which Abbas is a member (Fatah). He either did not have the will or he did not have the leadership skills necessary to get HIS OWN GROUP to stop firing rockets after elections.You think he’s strong enough to work the peace process? He and Dahlan are the problem. Look at the story. Of $3 billion in aid, $1.5 million will go to “running” the Palestinian Authority. I’d love to see some detail on that, because Yassir Arafat did the same thing, and when he died, the PA was broke and his widow was rich and living in Paris.That’s what the moderate Fatah led by Abbas will do for the Palestinians. Nothing.


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