White supremacists on the streets of Canada

March 26, 2009

It’s hard to believe this is a scene from a demonstration in Canada. Your View contributor Ryan Dyer went out on the streets of Calgary to photograph members of the white supremacist group Aryan Guard as they attempted to stage a march. There were clashes and confrontations as anti-racism protesters tried to stop the march. Both Ryan Dyer and Shane Eaton documented the events as they unfolded and sent their pictures to Your View.

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i see we’ve exported more than acid rain to canada – now they’ve got our skinhead idiots. unfortunately, the canadian government’s making “special people” out of nonwhites and muslims rather than assisting with cultural assimilation has provided hate-groups with all too much fodder

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Canada is in risk to be a heaven for this hate group promotion. Must be aware that as a country, Canada is being used by this group to performance high propaganda of discrimination and violence. The Canadian people and population I know are extraordinary peaceful and high support of COEXISTANCE….it is not right to allow be used by this group that is not contributing to develop the PEACE and respect that CANADA is always promoting.

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keep in mind that there were 30 nazis trying to march … but there were 500 protesters that showed up to confront them . these neo-nazi idiots are the very small minority .

Posted by eddie brown | Report as abusive

Unfortunately this is not as much of a rarity in Europe as Fascist groups are growing extermely quick in Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria and many of the Baltic States. Even in the UK we are seeing more and moer support for these extremists, pity the police and government who seem to shoot anything of colour at the present moment does not help but actually legitimises these views. If nothing is done then we will just have another era of intolerance and violence towards non whites.

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There are so many nationalities, races, etc. in the world and USA. There are people who are asian, caucasian, indian, hispanic, african-american and many other nationalities and races in the world and in the USA. It is like a rainbow. A rainbow would not be pretty if it consisted of just one color. It is the combination of the different colors that makes a rainbow look so attractive and pretty. The same concept applies to the human race. “Love one another” is stressed in the Bible. If you don’t have love for one another then God or Jesus is not in your heart. God loves everybody. Why don’t people who are part of hate groups try to be more like God and love everybody.


Looks like a fake march, an attempt to create a climate of ‘fear and conflict’. Look we have white racists so we need protection etc. divide and rule.”unfortunately, the canadian government’s making “special people” out of nonwhites and muslims”Yes of course all western governments consider Muslims ‘special’ which is why they are being targeted by the police and secret services, shot, arrested, sent for torture…because they are ‘special’ not required to ‘assimilate’ by wonderful liberal States!?

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John: when christianity and christians are ‘fair game” for the media, but they adopt an hands-off policy towards islam; when nonmuslim office workers are told not to eat at their desks during ramadan fast so as not to upset muslims, who eat away during lent, etc, you creat “special people.” nobody likes special people for reasons obvious; no more special people by treating others with equal respect, and you’ll go a long way towards defanging haters.

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I do not condone the actions of these mis-guided individuals. They wish to promote their view to the extreme at the expense of another, which is wrong. But,There is BLACK pride,There is BROWN pride,There is RED pride,There is YELLOW pride,Now as a Caucasion I have my White Pride; There are others who wish me and my kind to be stifeld.I can say with all confidence that other COLOR’s PRIDE expect to be respected. I just do not expect to have my White Pride cast aside and not accepted. I do not just expect it! I DEMAND IT!!!

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Well said David. It is fine when every color of flesh other than white state the pride they have, but due to the extreme that whites have to go through to show their pride is wrong. It makes me sick that everything people have fought and died for in North America is made into a safe haven for people that have no respect for such sacrifices.

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I am a white/native indian canadian. I am sick of immigrants and I back any true Canadian group that will stand up for our rights. We are Canadian, not Afro-canadian, not asian-canadian, not east indian canadian,not euro-canadian. If immigrants cannot be Canadian they do not deserve to be here. Their old laws and their old habits have to be left behind to be a Canadian.If immigrants do not wish to leave their old ways behing they are not welcome here. I’m Canadian, as far back as you can go and I’m sick and tired of paying for and putting up with immigrants that hold on to their customs which are illegal in Canada. Put them on a dingy and send them home. Quickly

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