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April 9, 2009

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A man celebrates after finishing the application process to be a firefighter in Miami, Florida February 2, 2009.  REUTERS/Carlos Barria


I ask the American People to not subject themselves the negative press, but instead excercise your right, to fair reporting of the news, or try not watching any of the news, for at least three days out of the week. Obama made it very clear from the begining what we are in for, as a country, don’t let the press make you think otherwise. Don’t subject yourself to the insanity of the press, instead take that time spending it with your family and doing things that give you enjoyment.

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I ask the American people to subject themselves to researching the constitution and the declaration of independence. The Free will and intent of a nations’ citizens becomes greatly skewed by their willingness to transfer their responsibilities to their elected officials. Do not sit around in self enjoyment and denial while so many horrible things are happening to the liberties we claim to posses in America. Sorry no video but when I checked to see what was here I only saw one post and I felt it implied that things are ok if we trust Obama’s diagnosis about what we’re in for and let him deal with it. I apologize if I misinterpreted the post but I am in no way supportive of Obama’s dealing with thing so far. He is in direct opposition to the constitution he’s sworn to defend and it’s taking a major toll on the country. We should be inspiring each other to take part in protecting our freedoms by educating ourselves and neighbors about the the rewards of personal responsibility and electing people to office instead of career politicians.

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I think we as a nation should start working together to change the way our country is going by helping those who are feeling it the hardest and helping to stop families from losing their homes in foreclosure and evictions. We like to say that the government should be the ones to take over. I say its time to stop waiting and start changing. If each person who says “there’s nothing I can do to change the economy donated fifty cents to a dollar to charities like
http://WWW.HELPFOROURHUMANITY.COM, it would end tens or thousands of families depression from this recession which would free up spending from stressed families , help create jobs through work programs, and circulate funds through out the community starting from the mortgage company, and landlord, on down to the plumber who can now afford to be hired, and the store who gets his business for the part. So I say suck it up America and lets finally become a nation that helps its self instead of waiting to see others do what needs to be done now.


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