On the lookout for pirates

May 8, 2009

Your View contributor Nobert Allan garnered access to eleven suspected pirates as they were escorted from a French navy ship after docking in Mombasa. Being alert for news events and ensuring you are on location when they happen are essential skills for photographers.

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Armed personal on the freighters to fight off pirates is becoming increasingly necessary to thwart attacks.
The navy could even set up attractive decoy ships that are best suited for attack but pirates get a huge surprise when they do because there are snipers and commandos on board.
Trying the pirates in Russia sounds like a great idea.
Capture 50 and let 1 go to tell the other pirates what the Russians will do to them if caught.
Prison in Russia would be quite cold for someone from Somali.

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…Maybe they should stop them, take away all their equipment used for piracy (their guns, boats, etc) and then set them free…. back into the ocean where we most likely captured them from. Sink or swim, the piracy will stop.

..Either that, or allow lethal force to be used by all ships, and any boat carrying a buncha guys with guns that doesn’t identify itself gets blasted out of the water.

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