The other Michael Jackson

June 27, 2009

The sudden death of pop icon Michael Jackson was surely the biggest story of the week and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame quickly became a go-to point for fans and media. Only there was one problem – the pop icon’s Hollywood star was hidden under a red carpet the night of his death. Contributor Daniel Dreifuss captures the confusion in this moody portrait as photographers and fans gather mistakenly around the star of Los Angeles-area radio personality Michael Jackson.

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All I watch is fox but when all you had on for 3 days is Michael Jackson i was totally disgusted.There is so much news that could be covered and it seemed Like no one was interested.Do you really believe all of that coverage was necessary ?

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I agree. I don’t remember many former presidents who died who got this treatment. Why? He was a washed up entertainer, and some kind of freak on top of that. Hadn’t toured or sold any albums for about 15 years. If he had so many “fans”, why didn’t they already own copies of his albums that they are now rushing to purchase? Any Beatles or Elvis fan would certainly already own their albums.

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First to say that,Michael Jackson is no more.
All his songs are good.
He can be named as a King of Pop.
Like Beatles,huge following for him.
All mass media gave too much publicity to this pop icon.
For me since 5 days,wrote many comments to all leading websites.All my writings were published.
Now,all media network,music industries wants to get more money from his fans.
There is a proverb-Make the hay while sun shines.
When Michael Jackson was with us, no body had corrected him from his strained relationship,and free from over consumption of tablets.


Genius artists are usually misuderstood, by some of the media of all times.
The other side of Michael Jackson, some liked or not, was that he was a great creator of art and a good father.
Lets rest him in Peace as a Human Being,
Lets exalt his work as an artist.
The mass media impact of his art production, interupted by human failures from himself and/or others around him must not hide the message of his work and legacy.

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