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October 2, 2009

Sometimes news events can drag on longer than a photographer plans. Just ask Reuters Honduras photographer Edgard Garrido, who has been in the Brazilian embassy holed up with the ousted President for more than 10 days. Your View contributor Edin Tuzlak has been following the story of Bosnian veterans protesting on the streets of Sarajevo for two days. Edin has managed to capture both sides, the police and the protesters, to give viewers an insight into the news event.

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The US now sees Karzai as the legit prez of Afghanistan. They also dropped the demand that the Jews stop expanding their settlements, as a precondition of peace talks. And despite constant chest thumping rhetoric about not negotiating with terrorists, it looks like that one will go too. Barry is bleating about the “need” for dialogue with people who blow up women and children. Rather than talking to them, I thought that the notion of wiping them (Taliban) from the face of the planet was the go.
It looks like the US administration has decided that it is all too hard, and the easy way out is the easiest. I thought that Barry would be a good Prez of the US, but I no longer think of him or them in this way. I am trying not to think about them at all.

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