Both sides of the Arizona immigration debate

July 30, 2010

A man shows his support for Arizona's controversial immigration law in Phoenix July 2010.   Your View/J Douglas Moore

A participant wears a hat as the 'We Are All Arizona' march is held in New York on July 29, 2010 as they protest the SB 1070 Arizona Law.  Your View/Tomas Abad

The debate over Arizona’s controversial immigration law SB-1070 has elicited support on both sides. Your View contributors J Douglas Moore (top) and Tomas Abad give us a glimpse into the opposing views.

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Our President sends a strong message when he does something publicly to embarras our Nation or those who defend it. He politizes his concern for the war in Iraq and Afganistan and snub his knows at Isreal and Mexico. Oddly enough he feels it is quite acceptable to make light or joke about the new law in the State of Arizona. It is okay for the President of the United States to publicly defame a State on an issue he knows nothing about, nor does his Attorney General as he embarrased himself and the Office. The table was turned when McChrystal spoke the truth about the President’s ability to do his job. Wait, that is that is exactly what Obama did when he joked our the law proposed by the state of Arizona and undermined Governor Jan Brewer. He saw nothing wrong by mocking the Leader It was self amusement when he joked about the State when should have been embarresed by his lack of understand and the presipice for the law. Governor Brewer was doing everything to protect the residents of Arizona, espceially the Latino who were her legally. There are almost 400,000 illegal immingrants in Arizona. Does the President know this? Probaly not. They are stealing the resources from the residents and immigrants who are here legally. President in now in charge of anexing States based on His failure to fulfil his Federal responsibilty. The border is the Federal Patrol Issue, but they are not taking responsabilty for it. McChrystal’s mistake was saying what everyone thought “out loud”. A weak Commander in Chief send a very strong message to the young men and women who fight for this country. Obama just got hit by a kid on the playground and now he is tattling. He can’t do his job and Commander in Chief nor as President of this nation, including Arizona which he have saved remarks for something other than a public forum. It seems like Obama is doing what he told McChrystal not to do? Morale is everything to a soldier in the field. It can carry a heavy load. I know, I am married to one.

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As a resident of Arizona, I know it’s time to take back our state, then our country from those who don’t belong here!Doesn’t matter what your color, relegion…if your not an American with papers, GET OUT.

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