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It’s all in the details



Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway has used ambient light and a wide view to capture all the necessary details in this image of members of the U.S. Air Force preparing to drop humanitarian supplies in Afghanistan.

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Follow that torch


You Witness image

Among the many high-quality Olympic torch relay photos we received, this one from Lee Robinson in London stands out due to its dramatic framing, vivid colors and unique angle.

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Up close and loud


You Witness plane

By getting close to the action, Ahmad Firdaus has managed to give us a sense of how loud this scene must be through the child’s reaction.

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Foxy photo


Arctic fox

An animal photo done well – it’s hard to beat. This one from Annie Audet in Quebec brings you face to face with an arctic fox.

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It’s all about the angle and emotion in this image by Sam Kang Li from a rally by Tibetan protesters in Nepal. Through the use of the angle you view the protesters from the police point of view. The raw emotion on their faces adds the human element to the photo.

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On location in Tibet


Tibet protests

It’s not every day you see military personnel on the streets of Tibet and it’s certainly not every day that we receive picture of it. So, when a You Witness contributor (who prefers not to be named due to the sensitivity of the story) sent in three dramatic images of exactly that, they were quickly sent off to our chief photographer in China who contacted him directly to seek permission and arrange payment for using the images on the Reuters Pictures Wire service. In total, 12 images from this You Witness contributor have been sent to an international audience via the Reuters Pictures Wire.

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Bring on the buffalo



The momentum of the buffaloes comes right out of the frame in this image by Eric Yep from a buffalo race in India.

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In the blue


Ivan Tykhyi provides us with a look inside a temporary shelter for children in Ukraine. With the stairs acting as symbolic bars and the intense blue tone, the image is a strong portrait of life in the shelter.

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Symmetry in the snow

Snow in Greece

With the precise framing and timing, Angelos Giotopoulos has created an almost symmetrical image from this snowy scene in Greece.

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It’s in the eyes

Venice carnival

Sometimes it’s about the light hitting the right spot of a subject, like these images from Jeff Moreau at the Venice Carnival, where the intensity of the revelers’ eyes makes the photographs.

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