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A woman in white


A muslim woman prays during the month of Ramadan in Masjid Negeri Arau, Kangar, Malaysia on 25 August 2010.  Your View/Abdul Ramdzhani

This week’s Your View highlight comes from Abdul Ramdzhani, who photographed a Muslim woman dressed in white praying at a mosque where the walls were of the same color.  The deftness in which the photographer highlights the woman’s face amongst the white makes for an intriguing photo.

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Children in the month of Ramadan


A Muslim woman feeds her child as others pray in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 2010.  Your View/Edin Tuzlak

A girl waits to receive food during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan at the grand mosque in Gavzin, Iran, August 2010.  Your View/Mohammad Shiri

This week saw a wide range of submissions illustrating events marking the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. These three selected images have another common theme as they capture children involved in those events.

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A Palestinian boy walks in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem August 2010.   Your View/Shlomit Or Gama

Time for a meteor shower


A meteor (R) streaks past stars in the night sky over Christchurch Castle in Dorset, Britain, August 12, 2010. The Perseid meteor shower is sparked every August when the Earth passes through a stream of space debris left by comet Swift-Tuttle.    Your View/Rob Cherry

In much the same way that Reuters photographer Kieran Doherty captured the Perseid meteor shower over Stonehenge, Your View contributor Rob Cherry stopped a meteor in the sky over the Christchurch Castle in Dorset.

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Kashmir with a view


An elderly man washes his face near Hajratbal Mosque in Srinagar, Kashmir, August 2010. Your View/Anirban Dey

Despite Kashmir making news in recent weeks due to violent anti-India protests, photographer Anirban Dey presents the beauty of the region in the image above. The tranquility depicted in the image conflicts with the almost daily unrest reported.

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Both sides of the Arizona immigration debate


A man shows his support for Arizona's controversial immigration law in Phoenix July 2010.   Your View/J Douglas Moore

A participant wears a hat as the 'We Are All Arizona' march is held in New York on July 29, 2010 as they protest the SB 1070 Arizona Law.  Your View/Tomas Abad

The debate over Arizona’s controversial immigration law SB-1070 has elicited support on both sides. Your View contributors J Douglas Moore (top) and Tomas Abad give us a glimpse into the opposing views.

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The difference between winning and losing


Netherlands fans react as they watch the 2010 World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain on a large screen TV on the streets of the Netherlands July 11, 2010. Your View/Niels de Vries

Spanish supporters flood the streets of Toronto on July 11, 2010, shutting down traffic as they celebrate Spain's win over the Netherlands in the World Cup final. Your View/Susan Kordalewski

Last Sunday’s World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain galvanized fans on either side. Your View contributors Niels de Vries (top) and Susan Kordalewski captured their very different emotions at the outcome.

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Feeling the disappointment of a nation


A boy sits on the curb in Presidente Dutra disappointed after the Brazilian national soccer team lost against the Netherlands at the World Cup, in South Africa July 2, 2010.  Your View/Sergio Jr.

Brazil went into the World Cup carrying the expectations of a nation but failed to bring home the trophy after their defeat to the Netherlands. Your View contributor Sergio captures accurately the devastation of one of the team’s fans in this photo.

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Dirty side of the World Cup


The Beamish Bombers from England concede a goal during their game against FC Lerssi from Finland in the Swamp Soccer World Championships at Strachur, Argyllshire, Scotland June 2010. Your View/Steven Scott Taylor

As the world’s attention is focused on the World Cup in South Africa, Your View contributor Steven Scott Taylor shows us the muddy side of soccer in Scotland.

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Protest in Azerbaijan


One of the 36 arrested oppositional activists during a demonstration for free parliament elections in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Your View/Abbas Atilay

News is always happening around the world.  However, due to resource limitations, news organizations aren’t always able to cover everything.  But with the advent of citizen journalism, ordinary people can step in and help fill the gaps, whether it’s in countries that have been heavy in the news like Iran, or ones not quite on the radar like this photo in Azerbaijan.

Your View contributor Abbas Atilay captured a dramatic moment during a protest for free parliament elections in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, a country located in the Caucus mountains region in Asia.  There is determination both in the face of the protester and in the faces of the police who’re arresting him.

On the shores of Oman


Omanis watch waves hitting Muscat corniche promenade as Cyclone Phet hit on June 4, 2010 the Eastern part of Oman causing floods and big waves.   Your View/Roman Garba

When Cyclone Phet hit Oman, pictures coming out of the region were minimal. Because we don’t often see pictures from Oman, I was pleasantly surprised to see this Your View submission from Roman Garba. The image captures a street scene but also large waves – one of the effects of the cyclone.

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