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Smoke rising


Edward Echwalu sent in a series of pictures on a fire in a market place in Kampala, Uganda, this week and managed to send a complete package ensuring he had all the views necessary to illustrate the story.

First he had the overview.

Then he had the scene setter, complete with smoke rising from the ashes.

Then he had the drama of police firing tear gas.

And finally he sent in a powerful portrait of a youth holding a charred soda bottle.

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Let there be (little) light


It’s not often we choose to profile two photographs but this week is an exception as both the above images make use of low light conditions to highlight their subjects. In the top one, a section of the Iranian ancient city of Yazd is illuminated by natural light with the tunnel falling into darkness. In the bottom one, photographer George Calin has exposed just for the light falling on the face of two Chinese workers in Romania as they seek help to return to China.

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Battered warrior


The high contrast look of black and white, combined with the overhead light source and the expression on the fighter’s face help Afif Rahim produce a dramatic photo that looks like a scene straight out of a classic boxing film.

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Snowy street scene


As snow covered London, Your View contributors showed us how it looked through their lenses. Graeme Williams used the ambient light to cast a blue hue over this snowy street scene. Graeme’s image was displayed in a slideshow of Your View pictures on the reuters.co.uk site this week.View this week’s Your View weekly slideshow here.

Auschwitz in black and white


By using black and white to photograph the museum at Auschwitz, Carmine Flamminio has created a haunting image that details the textures and tones of this pile of human hair.

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Fire and ice


When Ingolfur Juliusson’s first pictures of the riots in Iceland came in to Your View we had no pictures by Reuters photographers or stringers on our professional picture wire. Seeing this and the quality of the images, I sent them along to our chief photographer of the region. In cases where we use citizen journalists pictures on our professional wire it is usually the chief photographer who negotiates usage and payment for the photographer. As our chief photographer was out of the office and knowing that Europe was on deadline for these pictures, I contacted Ingolfur directly and negotiated a payment for 5 pictures.

The selection was quickly moved on the wire and it wasn’t long before we saw some online play.

Fishing for photos


Regular Your View contributor Jashim Salam sent in a selection of pictures this week of a fisherman casting his net in Bangladesh. In the photo above: Timing, composition and a little bit of luck combined to create an interesting environmental portrait.

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Blood, sweat and tears


From the many Ashura pictures we received to the newly re-named Your View this week, this one from Jashim Salam caught my eye because of the interesting use of a slow shutter speed to give the image and event a sense of movement.

You will begin to see a wider selection of images and video on our revamped Your View page but we will continue to showcase the best in our weekly showcase here.

A shoe hold up

Since Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi hurled his shoes at President Bush, footwear has become an integral part of rallies around the world. You Witness contributor Roshan Norouzi shows us the shoe effect during a protest in Tehran against Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

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Dive right in


With this well-composed shot, Fiona Brophy captures the emotions of a young girl anticipating a dive.  The diver’s parallel position to the waterline adds directional movement to this still image.

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