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Hazy shade of Dhaka



By combining a silhouetted worker and the headlights of a vehicle, Your View contributor Saad Shahriar has depicted what a hazy night on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, looks like.

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Picturing pain


Empathy is not always an easy emotion to bring out in viewers but this picture from Farzana Hossen of a woman reacting to a fire that destroyed her home in a slum in Bangladesh certainly brought it out in me. Farzana’s use of black and white seems to emphasis the woman’s face and grief.

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Monsoon season


Contributor Jashim Salam captures the arrival of the monsoon rains in Bangladesh with a striking view of the clouds and also two boys in Chittagong experiencing their first rainfall of the season. The monsoon season typically accounts for eighty percent of the yearly rainfall in countries like Bangladesh.

Where there’s smoke


We took a liking to this contribution from Jashim Salam, of children watching from above as firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in the Bangladeshi city of Chittagong. The fire’s smoke, normally a tad frightening, manages to seem almost whimsical as it drifts up past the kids and into the shafts of light.

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Fishing for photos


Regular Your View contributor Jashim Salam sent in a selection of pictures this week of a fisherman casting his net in Bangladesh. In the photo above: Timing, composition and a little bit of luck combined to create an interesting environmental portrait.

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