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Chaos in the streets


Injured protester
A pro-government protester lies on the ground after he was injured by a grenade blast in Bangkok, Thailand, April 22, 2010.  Your View/Cyrille Andres

Tensions have been high in Thailand as anti-government “red shirt” protesters face off against pro-government forces and supporters.

On April 22, 2010, a series of grenades exploded in an area of Bangkok where hundreds of pro-government protesters were gathering.  One person was killed and dozens were injured.  Your View contributor Cyrille Andres happened to be there, photographing this scene of a man helping a pro-government demonstrator who was injured by one of the grenades.

The photo is overexposed from the proximity of the flash and there is a telltale shadow from the photographer.  However, these technical issues are inconsequential as Andres was able to capture the emotions and confusion of the moment, in spite of the risk to himself.

Breaking news, key photos


The death of Poland’s president in a plane crash over the weekend and deadly riots breaking out in Thailand dominated the news early in the week. With huge news such as this, photographers make every effort to capture the action and reaction of the events. Below are some of the strongest submissions to Your View around these two breaking news stories.

Mourners light candles at Market square in Krakow, Poland, in memory of Poland’s president who died in a plane crash April 2010. Your View/Gustavo Kralj