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Picturing pain


Empathy is not always an easy emotion to bring out in viewers but this picture from Farzana Hossen of a woman reacting to a fire that destroyed her home in a slum in Bangladesh certainly brought it out in me. Farzana’s use of black and white seems to emphasis the woman’s face and grief.

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Where there’s smoke…


Your View contributor Ross Beckley shot this photo of a firefighter from the New South Wales Fire Brigades during a recent fire in Australia.

Beckley was at the scene to capture the firefighters in action. Instead of a dramatic news photo of a fire rescue, he captured the ethereal feel of the smoke surrounding a firefighter. The framing of the subject allows the smoke to be a dominant element in the composition.

Where there’s smoke


We took a liking to this contribution from Jashim Salam, of children watching from above as firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in the Bangladeshi city of Chittagong. The fire’s smoke, normally a tad frightening, manages to seem almost whimsical as it drifts up past the kids and into the shafts of light.

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A burning issue


Dzenan Krijestorac captured the emotion on this woman’s face and the emotion of the situation as a Roma community in Sarajevo set their homes on fire after being forced to move.

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Smoke rising


Edward Echwalu sent in a series of pictures on a fire in a market place in Kampala, Uganda, this week and managed to send a complete package ensuring he had all the views necessary to illustrate the story.

First he had the overview.

Then he had the scene setter, complete with smoke rising from the ashes.

Then he had the drama of police firing tear gas.

And finally he sent in a powerful portrait of a youth holding a charred soda bottle.