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“It’s a dream come true”


You Witness contributor Jeff Bachner tells the story of following his passion of photography.

My journey to change careers started in November of 2005. My wife had been very ill for about a year. The stress of dealing with that and the everyday pressures of running a high volume luxury automobile dealership became overwhelming and I lost my job. I needed something to help keep my sanity during the remainder of my wife’s recovery.

Amazingly, life always gives you what you need if you just open your eyes and look for it. I received an email from Kodak informing me that they were introducing some new products in the Soho area of Manhattan. In addition, they had hired some top pro photographers to give lectures that they called “Master Classes.”

The first lecture I attended was given by famed tennis photographer June Harrison. We struck up a friendship and June eventually became my mentor. The most important advice she gave me was to take photos every day. That’s exactly what I did.