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A child’s view


A child sits in a tire on Perhentian Island, Malaysia, May 2010.  Your View/Meor M. Syafiq

This picture of a child sitting inside a tire instantly grabbed my attention as the child’s eyes engage directly with the viewer. The strength of the image is enhanced by underexposure and dull tones.

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Pain: A close-up view



Sometimes it takes getting in close to a situation to really capture what the subject is going through. Your View contributor Mohamed Heikkal Ismail does exactly that in this photograph of a boy grimacing as he is circumcised in Malaysia.

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Bikes, camera, action



Afif Rahim sent in a series of photos to You Witness this week from the SIC Moto X competition in Malaysia. From the series, this image in particular stood out for its contrast between foreground and background. Afif stopped the action at the right moment to capture this rider at the height of his jump to make a compelling image.

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The perfect sunset



We get a lot of sunset pictures submitted to You Witness but this one from contributor Mohd Saifulnazim Azman in Malaysia takes the cake. The combination of colors, the stark contrast and the tiny silhouettes of runners on the beach make this a truly memorable image.

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Up close and loud


You Witness plane

By getting close to the action, Ahmad Firdaus has managed to give us a sense of how loud this scene must be through the child’s reaction.

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