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Arm to arm with Bloomberg


Jeff Bachner got up close and personal with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg this week at the 27th Annual White Castle Kingsboro Arm Wrestling Championships in Brighton Beach. By waiting for a strong expression and ensuring Bloomberg’s face is in sharp focus, Jeff has impressed again.

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Much ado about croquet


Believe it or not, we don’t often receive pictures of croquet. It’s not a sport Reuters generally covers and we’ve never received any from our Your View contributors either, until this week. Steven Scott Taylor shows us how the sport is shot with his use of shadows and angles.

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Drama in the details

Sometimes pictures need to be seen big. This week’s picture of soccer fans clashing with police in the Czech Republic is one of those pictures. Click here to see the full size image.

The more you look at this picture the more the details of the scene become visible – from the look of horror on the woman’s face to the overturned potted plant. The soccer fan’s eyes are what draw you into the frame but it is the details that keep you looking at it.

What women want?


Your View contributor Ellie Kealey sent in a series of pictures on a rally held by women to support Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah. Not only are the pictures well composed and dynamic but the event is unusual. Ellie explains that a rally by only women is a rare event in Afghanistan. This particular group of women are Hazaras, who’s support Abdullah is seeking in the upcoming election.

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Where were you when the Wall came down?


Did you live under the communist regime of East Germany? Sneak across the border to escape to West Berlin? Celebrate the fall of the wall in 1989?

In the lead-up to the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Reuters is looking for contributions from its readers. Send your pictures or video of events leading up to the historic moment to Your View or add your comments below.

Too busy with pirates


My initial contact with Abdinasir Mohamed Guled was when he submitted a photo to our user-generated content service, called You Witness at the time, now Your View. The caption read “hi reuters” and the location was listed as Mogadishu suqa holaha district. This was enough to peak my attention.

I spoke with Abdinasir, who at the time was busy covering the story of pirates off the Somali coast. Below is his account of his journey from contributor to You Witness to regular stringer for Reuters.

Gray day in Jerusalem


Be waiting until the main action of the protest had died down and using a low angle, Oded Gal has created a moody street scene of the aftermath of a demonstration in Jerusalem.

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Solar eclipse


Contributor Siripong Wattanapaiboon captured an evocative photograph of the July 22 solar eclipse from his vantage point in Chaing Mai, Thailand.  The red and black tints of the clouds artfully conjures a mood reflective not of an obscured sun, but more of a waning moon in an evening sky.

Monsoon season


Contributor Jashim Salam captures the arrival of the monsoon rains in Bangladesh with a striking view of the clouds and also two boys in Chittagong experiencing their first rainfall of the season. The monsoon season typically accounts for eighty percent of the yearly rainfall in countries like Bangladesh.

Independence Day


To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s exploration of the Hudson River, this year’s July 4th fireworks spectacular took place over the Hudson rather than the East River. Of course, this meant every New Yorker – and photographer – had to choose a new sight line to view the show from. Contributor Jody Kasch climbed onto a 24th Street rooftop and captured these surreal portraits as 40,000 shells were exploded at a rate of 1,500 per minute.

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