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All eyes on Egypt


A protester waves an Egyptian flag during clashes with police at Ramsis Square in Cairo January 28, 2011.   Your View/Morten Christoffer Bjorndal

Since last Tuesday, the protests on the streets of Egyptian cities have dominated headlines and photo galleries. In addition to Reuters photographers covering the events as they unfold, Your View contributors have captured the tear gas, flag waving and injuries.

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Firey protests across Europe


A police car burns during protests in Barcelona, Spain, September 29, 2010.  Your View/Rodrigo Griffon

Anti-austerity protests swept through Europe this week and Your View contributor Rodrigo Griffon was on hand to capture a burning vehicle on the streets of Barcelona.

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Burning Bangkok


An anti-government protester watches as tires burn in Bangkok on May 15, 2010.  Your View/Cengiz Yar Jr.

A woman inside the Chanel 3 building that anti-government protesters attacked and burned sprays water in Bangkok, Thailand, May 2010.   Your View/Shinobu Onodera

The turmoil in Thailand and the aftermath dominated the news this week, and it showed in the number of outstanding submissions we received from the crisis. Above are two of the best.

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G20 protests turn violent


As the world turned to watch London stage the G20 summit, hundreds of photographers trained their lenses on the protesters demonstrating against the gathering.

Below is a selection of the best from Your View readers.

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Fire and ice


When Ingolfur Juliusson’s first pictures of the riots in Iceland came in to Your View we had no pictures by Reuters photographers or stringers on our professional picture wire. Seeing this and the quality of the images, I sent them along to our chief photographer of the region. In cases where we use citizen journalists pictures on our professional wire it is usually the chief photographer who negotiates usage and payment for the photographer. As our chief photographer was out of the office and knowing that Europe was on deadline for these pictures, I contacted Ingolfur directly and negotiated a payment for 5 pictures.

The selection was quickly moved on the wire and it wasn’t long before we saw some online play.

Trouble in the streets of Athens


Daphne Tolis sent in a series of pictures from the riots in Greece, with this one my pick of the bunch for its simple use of three elements to convey the scene: the smoke, the fire extinguisher and the masked riot policeman.

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Peppered protester

You Witness pepper spray

You Witness contributor Kathy de Foe captures the anguish of this protester after she is hit with pepper spray outside the Republican National Convention.

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It’s all about the angle and emotion in this image by Sam Kang Li from a rally by Tibetan protesters in Nepal. Through the use of the angle you view the protesters from the police point of view. The raw emotion on their faces adds the human element to the photo.

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