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Tsunamis and quakes: Your View of the scene


It was just a few hours after news broke about an 8.0 magnitude quake hitting off the coast of Samoa that the first picture of the ensuing tsunami dropped into Reuters’ user-generated content system Your View. As the Singapore picture desk was monitoring the intake, they negotiated a price for the picture and it was moved on the Reuters pictures wire early this morning, available to media clients worldwide.

A view of the Sinalei resort, south of Apia, capital of Samoa, after it was struck by a tsunami September 29, 2009.  REUTERS via Your View/Henry F

A day after the devastating tsunami a powerful quake rocked Indonesia. As pictures were moving on the Reuters wire from the earthquake-hit Indonesian island of Sumatra, we received a user-generated photo from the same scene.

Residents look at the wreckage after an earthquake hit Padang, on Indonesia’s Sumatra island September 30, 2009.  Your View/Iggoy el Fitra

The emotion of covering Italy’s quake


Davide Elias is a regular contributor to Your View and in the following blog recounts his experience covering the devastating earthquake in L’Aquila.

Early on April 6, the town of L’Aquila, central Italy, was struck by a strong earthquake. My home town, Brescia, is about 600km (375 miles) from L’Aquila. I wanted to travel to the quake zone to take some pictures. I headed to the area the next evening, taking with me two cameras and two lenses (a 10-20 mm and a 70-200mm). I left my 400mm lens at home.