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Tsunamis and quakes: Your View of the scene


It was just a few hours after news broke about an 8.0 magnitude quake hitting off the coast of Samoa that the first picture of the ensuing tsunami dropped into Reuters’ user-generated content system Your View. As the Singapore picture desk was monitoring the intake, they negotiated a price for the picture and it was moved on the Reuters pictures wire early this morning, available to media clients worldwide.

A view of the Sinalei resort, south of Apia, capital of Samoa, after it was struck by a tsunami September 29, 2009.  REUTERS via Your View/Henry F

A day after the devastating tsunami a powerful quake rocked Indonesia. As pictures were moving on the Reuters wire from the earthquake-hit Indonesian island of Sumatra, we received a user-generated photo from the same scene.

Residents look at the wreckage after an earthquake hit Padang, on Indonesia’s Sumatra island September 30, 2009.  Your View/Iggoy el Fitra