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Mayhem in Mexico



It’s a rare moment for us to get so many great pictures from one event.  Diego Uriarte managed to get up close and personal with these protesters in Mexico, close enough to capture the faces of the police as they reacted to the demonstrators.

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Calling all cadets



One open-mouthed cadet is all it takes to bring this image to life.

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Peppered protester

You Witness pepper spray

You Witness contributor Kathy de Foe captures the anguish of this protester after she is hit with pepper spray outside the Republican National Convention.

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The shadowy beginnings of cocaine


You Witness cocaine

Photographing the production of illicit drugs can be a tricky subject. Niccolo’ Celesti has obscured the identity of this youth involved in the production of cocaine in the Colombian region of Putumayo. Niccolo’ writes to tell us that the youth risks death if he is identified as not only is he involved in cocaine production but he is also a guerrilla informer.

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Show us your credit crunch

Have you been hit by the U.S. housing crisis? Do you see evidence of the year-long credit crisis all around? Is a part of the story not being told?

We are inviting citizen photojournalists to send in their best photographs illustrating the battered housing market and on-going credit crunch. If you think your picture tells the story in an innovative way, please send it to pics@reuters.com.
The best images will accompany Reuters stories on Reuters.com.

Eyes on eyes

You Witness eyesLouise Miller provided You Witness with a fun environmental portrait this week, capturing two well-dressed revelers at the annual Bloom Festival in Seven Springs, Gloucestershire.View this week’s You Witness slideshow here.

The youth of Iran



It may not seem unusual. Just a regular Metallica fan, right?

The fact that this fan is in Iran is what interested me. This image is part of Nima AliBeiglou’s series on the youth of Iran, a newsworthy subject given the interest in the country and their war of words with the West.

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Looking smart while throwing stones



Dado Ruvic combines timing, composition and cropping to provide a comical portrait of a stone-throwing competitor in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dado nails the timing with the competitor’s mouth open just wide enough to reveal his two teeth, creates strong visual composition and crops just tight enough to leave in the appropriate t-shirt slogan.

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Steady hand


New Delhi security officer 
Security was stepped up across India this past week following a series of bombings in cities across the country. Kumar Datta captures the tension perfectly with this shot of a security officer’s hand. His was one of many standouts in a week of very strong contributions from our readers.

The perfect sunset



We get a lot of sunset pictures submitted to You Witness but this one from contributor Mohd Saifulnazim Azman in Malaysia takes the cake. The combination of colors, the stark contrast and the tiny silhouettes of runners on the beach make this a truly memorable image.

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