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The complexities of war


You witness Iraq

You Witness contributor U.S. Air Force Sgt. Cohen A. Young captured this light moment between a soldier and a young Iraqi boy amidst a damaged neighborhood in Sadr City, Baghdad in a photo illustrating the complexities of the war in Iraq.

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Blood, sweat but no tears

You Witness boxing

You Witness contributor Kamariduan Mohd Nor brings us face to face with a Muay Thai fighter in this dramatic portrait taken during an international competition in Malaysia.

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In the wink of an eye

You Witness Betancourt

The rescue of French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt from FARC guerrillas after years in jungle captivity dominated headlines around the world this week. Accompanying these headlines were pictures of her arrival in Bogota. Despite the tough competition from many of the world’s press, You Witness contributor Leonardo Suarez provided up close images of Betancourt that supplemented the existing images on the Reuters wire. Leonardo works as a contractor for Reuters in Colombia where he monitors stock trades and provides data support, a far cry from working out in the field as a photographer. Leonardo describes how he came to document this week’s top story.

“I went to the airport to bring camera lenses to our photographers who needed to cover the story. I managed to get past security with their help. I brought my Canon 40D camera and 100:400mm 4.5-5.6 lens. I simply took pictures with the photographers as I saw fit. Once I returned to the office, I reviewed the pictures the photographers submitted and sent whatever pictures I had that were not duplicates to Reuters You Witness service. “

The naked truth

Spencer Tunick

Christian Montes managed to tastefully make an image of the naked volunteers at a Spencer Tunick photo shoot. Whether it’s through a crop or framed in camera this way, this image gets Christian the lead spot in this week’s You Witness slideshow.

View from above



When Ron Mayland‘s aerial photograph of the flooding in Iowa was sent to You Witness last Friday, I was impressed with the quality and the access, especially as we had seen very few pictures from the affected areas from any of the wires. The picture and Ron’s contact details were passed along to our regional chief photographer, who negotiated an arrangement to secure this and additional images for use on the Reuters Pictures Wire service. Ron has continued to provide quality aerial images to Reuters throughout the week.

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Fan favorite



You Witness contributor Davide Elias got in the face of this fan at the Euro 2008 to capture a strong portrait illustrating his passion for the game and the Dutch team.

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Man of the moment


You Witness contributer Joseph Henry catches up with the man of the moment, newsmaker of the week Barack Obama, on the very night Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. Fantastic work Joseph.

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Face to face with a survivor



Bauhaus Wang brings a human face to the devastation caused by the quake in China through his portrait of a survivor.

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A win-win situation



By managing to be surrounded by Manchester United fans after their dramatic penalty shoot-out win over Chelsea in the Champions League final, Mishka Henner has produced some winning shots of the celebrations that followed.

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On the scene: In Jaipur



By sending his newsworthy pictures from the Jaipur blasts in a timely fashion, Vinay Joashi saw his photos move on the Reuters Pictures wire service. The pictures were received shortly after the explosions, when there were only two pictures out on the wire from the scene. Vinay was contacted directly by the Reuters India photo staff to negotiate payment and terms of use.

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