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Fire and ice


When Ingolfur Juliusson’s first pictures of the riots in Iceland came in to Your View we had no pictures by Reuters photographers or stringers on our professional picture wire. Seeing this and the quality of the images, I sent them along to our chief photographer of the region. In cases where we use citizen journalists pictures on our professional wire it is usually the chief photographer who negotiates usage and payment for the photographer. As our chief photographer was out of the office and knowing that Europe was on deadline for these pictures, I contacted Ingolfur directly and negotiated a payment for 5 pictures.

The selection was quickly moved on the wire and it wasn’t long before we saw some online play.

This screenshot is from http://www.dn.se/

A number of Your View contributors have had their pictures moved on the Reuters Pictures wire.

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Fishing for photos


Regular Your View contributor Jashim Salam sent in a selection of pictures this week of a fisherman casting his net in Bangladesh. In the photo above: Timing, composition and a little bit of luck combined to create an interesting environmental portrait.

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Blood, sweat and tears


From the many Ashura pictures we received to the newly re-named Your View this week, this one from Jashim Salam caught my eye because of the interesting use of a slow shutter speed to give the image and event a sense of movement.

You will begin to see a wider selection of images and video on our revamped Your View page but we will continue to showcase the best in our weekly showcase here.

A shoe hold up

Since Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi hurled his shoes at President Bush, footwear has become an integral part of rallies around the world. You Witness contributor Roshan Norouzi shows us the shoe effect during a protest in Tehran against Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

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Dive right in


With this well-composed shot, Fiona Brophy captures the emotions of a young girl anticipating a dive.  The diver’s parallel position to the waterline adds directional movement to this still image.

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Bust a move


Conan Whitehouse has used flash to freeze the movements of this Bboy during a competition in Sydney.

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“It’s a dream come true”


You Witness contributor Jeff Bachner tells the story of following his passion of photography.

My journey to change careers started in November of 2005. My wife had been very ill for about a year. The stress of dealing with that and the everyday pressures of running a high volume luxury automobile dealership became overwhelming and I lost my job. I needed something to help keep my sanity during the remainder of my wife’s recovery.

Trouble in the streets of Athens


Daphne Tolis sent in a series of pictures from the riots in Greece, with this one my pick of the bunch for its simple use of three elements to convey the scene: the smoke, the fire extinguisher and the masked riot policeman.

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Capturing the crash aftermath


Two hours after the news broke about a military jet crashing into San Diego homes, I received an email to You Witness from Ron Belanger with a link to dramatic photos of the incident. Here is Ron’s account of events.

I was working at home near MCAS Miramar in San Diego mid-day Monday, when I heard the unmistakable “pop… pop…” sound of ejection seats firing nearby but hadn’t heard the jet’s engines. As a retired Navy pilot and aircraft accident investigator I suddenly realized this meant that a pilotless aircraft and ejection seats would soon be coming down. I took cover under my desk then heard a deafening sound as the plane crashed and the house shook violently.

Why the long face?


Photography is so often about being on the lookout for that strange moment and being ready to capture it, which is exactly what Kyungwon Kuk has done in this image from South Korea.

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