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Show of commitment


Sometimes news events can drag on longer than a photographer plans. Just ask Reuters Honduras photographer Edgard Garrido, who has been in the Brazilian embassy holed up with the ousted President for more than 10 days. Your View contributor Edin Tuzlak has been following the story of Bosnian veterans protesting on the streets of Sarajevo for two days. Edin has managed to capture both sides, the police and the protesters, to give viewers an insight into the news event.

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A quiet memorial


In this photo Daniel Dreifuss has used simple composition to emphasis the moving content of the image, the names of fallen U.S. soldiers.

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Remembering the veterans


In this You Witness image from Dario Ayala he has successfully used a vignette to add interesting framing to his portrait of a World War Two veteran handing out poppies.

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