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Cricket line-up turns violent


Police officers beat angry cricket fans who were unhappy with the shortage of tickets and tried breaking police barricades set up to control fans who wanted to buy tickets for the India and England Group B cricket World Cup match at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore February 24, 2011.    Your View/Abhishek N.Chinnappa

The cricket World Cup being played in the sub-continent has provided some dramatic matches but also its share of incidents. Your View contributor Abhishek N.Chinnappa was on the scene to capture this dramatic moment when fans lining up to buy tickets for a match were hit by police.

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All eyes on Egypt


A protester waves an Egyptian flag during clashes with police at Ramsis Square in Cairo January 28, 2011.   Your View/Morten Christoffer Bjorndal

Since last Tuesday, the protests on the streets of Egyptian cities have dominated headlines and photo galleries. In addition to Reuters photographers covering the events as they unfold, Your View contributors have captured the tear gas, flag waving and injuries.

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Drama in the details

Sometimes pictures need to be seen big. This week’s picture of soccer fans clashing with police in the Czech Republic is one of those pictures. Click here to see the full size image.

The more you look at this picture the more the details of the scene become visible – from the look of horror on the woman’s face to the overturned potted plant. The soccer fan’s eyes are what draw you into the frame but it is the details that keep you looking at it.

Through the flag lies the protest


Your View contributor Balint Fejer has waited for the moment that a flag is lowered into his frame in this scene from a protest in Hungary.

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G20 protests turn violent


As the world turned to watch London stage the G20 summit, hundreds of photographers trained their lenses on the protesters demonstrating against the gathering.

Below is a selection of the best from Your View readers.

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Trouble in the streets of Athens


Daphne Tolis sent in a series of pictures from the riots in Greece, with this one my pick of the bunch for its simple use of three elements to convey the scene: the smoke, the fire extinguisher and the masked riot policeman.

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from Photographers' Blog:

Death all around


A Congolese refugee in a tattered baseball cap, worn clothes and blue flip-flops begged me for a cigarette at Kibati, a camp for 65,000 people displaced by fighting in eastern Congo.

I scolded him, saying smoking was bad for his health, as if anything could be worse for your health than living in this conflict-racked corner of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mayhem in Mexico



It’s a rare moment for us to get so many great pictures from one event.  Diego Uriarte managed to get up close and personal with these protesters in Mexico, close enough to capture the faces of the police as they reacted to the demonstrators.

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