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Where there’s smoke…


Your View contributor Ross Beckley shot this photo of a firefighter from the New South Wales Fire Brigades during a recent fire in Australia.

Beckley was at the scene to capture the firefighters in action. Instead of a dramatic news photo of a fire rescue, he captured the ethereal feel of the smoke surrounding a firefighter. The framing of the subject allows the smoke to be a dominant element in the composition.

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A deadly composition


Kabul explosion

Your View contributer Elissa Bogos was on the scene in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, after a devastating suicide bombing on October 8 outside the Indian embassy that killed 17 people and wounded dozens more.

Despite the chaos, she managed to snap this well composed photograph of a uniformed man walking through the strewn wreckage. By framing this man between two sets of exposed girders, the composition creates a frame within a frame that quickly draws the viewer to the main subject at hand.

Solar eclipse


Contributor Siripong Wattanapaiboon captured an evocative photograph of the July 22 solar eclipse from his vantage point in Chaing Mai, Thailand.  The red and black tints of the clouds artfully conjures a mood reflective not of an obscured sun, but more of a waning moon in an evening sky.

Independence Day


To celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s exploration of the Hudson River, this year’s July 4th fireworks spectacular took place over the Hudson rather than the East River. Of course, this meant every New Yorker – and photographer – had to choose a new sight line to view the show from. Contributor Jody Kasch climbed onto a 24th Street rooftop and captured these surreal portraits as 40,000 shells were exploded at a rate of 1,500 per minute.

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Where there’s smoke


We took a liking to this contribution from Jashim Salam, of children watching from above as firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in the Bangladeshi city of Chittagong. The fire’s smoke, normally a tad frightening, manages to seem almost whimsical as it drifts up past the kids and into the shafts of light.

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Dive right in


With this well-composed shot, Fiona Brophy captures the emotions of a young girl anticipating a dive.  The diver’s parallel position to the waterline adds directional movement to this still image.

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Steady hand


New Delhi security officer 
Security was stepped up across India this past week following a series of bombings in cities across the country. Kumar Datta captures the tension perfectly with this shot of a security officer’s hand. His was one of many standouts in a week of very strong contributions from our readers.

The perfect sunset



We get a lot of sunset pictures submitted to You Witness but this one from contributor Mohd Saifulnazim Azman in Malaysia takes the cake. The combination of colors, the stark contrast and the tiny silhouettes of runners on the beach make this a truly memorable image.

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The complexities of war


You witness Iraq

You Witness contributor U.S. Air Force Sgt. Cohen A. Young captured this light moment between a soldier and a young Iraqi boy amidst a damaged neighborhood in Sadr City, Baghdad in a photo illustrating the complexities of the war in Iraq.

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Man of the moment


You Witness contributer Joseph Henry catches up with the man of the moment, newsmaker of the week Barack Obama, on the very night Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. Fantastic work Joseph.

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