Explosion rocks Oslo

July 22, 2011

This liveblog has been retired, future updates will appear here

July 25, 2011

Latest (12:46pm ET)

Norway killer tells judge two more cells exist : Johan Ahlander and Aasa Christine Stoltz, Reuters

Police updates via BBC liveblog

  • Investigation into Mr Breivik’s links to Poland still going on – Norwegian police.
  • Nobody has been arrested in Poland with links to the Breivik case – Norwegian police.
  • Police point out that Mr Breivik appeared to contradict himself, saying variously he had acted alone and had worked with two other “cells”.
  • Police say today’s hearing was held in a closed court because they were “worried about giving out too much information”. “One of the reasons was that we thought that other people might be implicated.”

(9:39am ET)

Reuters Picture of Anders Behring Breivik arriving at court.

@ketilbstensrud said:


“The objective for the attacks was to hand people a powerful message. The accused wanted to cause the Labour party as much damage as possible, so that recruitment would be limited in the future.

“The operation was not about killing as many as possible, but to provide a significant signal that simply could not be misunderstood [because] as long as the Labour party maintains their ideological line of politics, whereby they deconstruct Norwegian culture and ‘mass-import’ Muslims, they must be held accountable for treason. One cannot allow one’s country to be colonised by Muslims.”

Reuters TV image of Anders Behring Breivik being transported to a hearing this morning. Full slideshow here.

Video of Anders Behring Breivik transported out of court.

The alleged Norway bomber/shooter Anders B. Breivik was in court this morning. Updates via Michelle Shephard of the Toronto Star

July 23, 2011

Latest (7:58pm ET)

VG Nett claims Anders B. Breivik has confessed to police both the shooting in Utøya and bombing in Oslo.

His lawyer has also told Norway’s NRK television channel he made the confession, according to The Australian.

(5:25pm ET)

Reuters reports through shooting suspect’s lawyer, he believed his actions were ‘atrocious’ but ‘necessary'; He’s willing to explain himself in court.

YouTube has now pulled the alleged #Utøya shooter’s manifesto video citing violation of terms of service. Some are reposting it, one mirror is here but is likely to be pulled as well. Storyful has a copy here as well.

Here’s a Twitvid version via @alphaleah


(4:56pm ET)

Norweigan police verify the authenticity of the YouTube video posted below alleged to be posted by alledged Utøya shooter Anders B. Breivik according to Sky News senior correspondent Ian Woods.

Alleged manifesto of alleged Utøya shooter Anders B. Breivik, via @ketilbstensrud in the form of a Word doc seen here below:

2083+ +a+European+Declaration+of+Independence

Google translation of NRK report on Breivik’s manuscript via @avinunu

(3:59pm ET)

Video for informational purposes only. It has not been established that this video is connected to the alledged Utøya shooter Anders B. Breivik, though he is featured at the end of the video. Images of him are shown from 12.02. via BerwickAndrew and Storyful. Our Reuters report on the video can be found here.

(2:43pm ET)

Amateur video via @jweb, posted by permagnus82 on YouTube, just before and after the explosion in Oslo

(2:11pm ET)

Norway death toll may rise to 98, police say : Gwladys Fouche, Reuters

(1pm ET)

VG Nett journalist Rune Thomas Ege reports on police press conference

(12:01pm ET)

Scenes in Oslo today: outside parliament, mourners leaving flowers outside a church

@ketilbstensrud said:

BREAKING: update on that shopping centre being closed off in downtown Oslo: Police clarify that Stenersgata [right by ‘Oslo City’] was evacuated by special forces as a dramatic search for a wanted individual was carried out. It appears as if the search for that second gunman (who still is at large) is indeed in full motion, but it has not been confirmed by officials. Expect updates any time soon.

(11:21am ET)

Photos of the youth group in Utøya before the massacre : Aufnorge Flickr

A first person account by a 23 year-old survivor of the Utøya shooting : Storyful

Photos of the car and more details at Dagbladet.no

July 22, 2011

(11:19pm ET)

Norway shooting suspect’s social media trail examined : Chris Taylor, Mashable

KOMU News uses Google+ Hangout to interview Norwegians, including someone who witnessed the bombing via @ckanal

Analysis: Questions over far-right link in Norwegian attacks : William Maclean, Reuters

(10:02pm ET)

Norwegian police say at least 80 killed in shootings at Utøya. Police say killings are of “catastrophic dimensions”, may rise above 80

(9:24pm ET)

Former United States Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, PJ Crowley


Many (Daily Mail,  HuffPo,  Sky News) are reporting the identity and details of the alleged Utoya shooter, we will hold off until we are able to gain a stronger confirmation.

The suspect in general terms is reported to be a white male of Norwegian descent with ties to anti-Muslim groups.

(6:47pm ET)

Our latest Reuters video on the Oslo bombing and shooting in Utoya

(5:43pm ET)

Follow @Reuters for breaking reports.

(5:03pm ET)

A wider shot of the aftermath of the explosion, from @geirolav

Washington Post has put together a great list of Twitter accounts to follow for Oslo updates.

(4:24pm ET)

Anne K Petterøe

Channel 4 news video of area, smoke and debris still fresh around the blast.

Reuters rough cut videos concerning the situation

Chaos in Oslo following blast

(4:03pm ET)

Via Norweigian journalist Rune Hakonsen

(3:57pm ET)
The NYT is reporting that a terror group has claimed responsibilty for the attack:

“Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami, or the Helpers of the Global Jihad, issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, according to Will McCants, a terrorism analyst at C.N.A., a research institute that studies terrorism. The message said the attack was a response to Norwegian forces’ presence in Afghanistan and to unspecified insults to the Prophet Muhammad.”

(3:44pm ET)
Reuters spoke to a witness at Utoeya, northwest of Oslo, who relayed the following about the shooting incident: “Ive seen it with my own eyes, at least 20 dead people lying in the water.”


Livestream of Norwegian Public Broadcaster NRK

First photo at Utoya via Egeli

Oslo Terrorists Allegedly Claim Responsibility Via Jihadi Forums, YouTube : Fast Company

(1:26pm ET)

Official police statement on Oslo explosion

VG Nett Journalist Rune Thomas Ege

(12:52pm ET)

Brad Frenette, digital journalist and editor at Vancouver Sun

Kim Rathcke Jensen, China correspondent for Danish newspaper Berlingske

@BreakingNews co-founder Rodrigo Javier

Mick Hodgkin, Al Jazeera English TV

Radio NRJ GM Ketil B. Stensrud


Second blast caught on cell phone via  This video was debunked as a fake, h/t @AndrewVazzano

(12:09 PM ET)

Four killed at Labour party youth meeting, according to Sky News

@BreakingNews co-founder Rodrigo Javier

Gunman in Utöya, Norway : Journalisti, uncertain if there’s a link to explosions. Here’s a photo taken at the camp earlier today, via @kjetilvevle

A Norwegian government official told the AP that there are still people trapped in buildings near the bomb site, but didn’t elaborate further.

(11:36am ET)

Reuters slideshow of explosion aftermath.

Here is our Reuters report on likely suspects for the attack.


At least two people have been killed according to police quoted by local news agency NTB. NTB also reports that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is safe.

The BBC has an excellent combination of live streaming video and text reports from Oslo here.

@niekfroma passed along this grim photo of an overturned vehicle.

Reuters has a rough cut of video from the scene below:

(11:30 am ET)

Photos by Anthony Perritano, submitted to Reuters.com:

Sky News producer Tim Gatt

Video from bystander in Oslo via 


Slideshow of the images streaming into Twitter right now on the #oslo hashtag

(10:53am ET)

Andreas Lunde at Demotix has a slideshow of images showing the devastation, be warned some images are graphic.

Here’s our Reuters report from Walter Gibbs and Alister Doyle : Blast rocks central Oslo, Norway PM’s office

Livestream of Norwegian TV station VGTV

Another view of the explosion’s aftermath from @gregersrygg

@morganflame has some amazing footage of the aftermath of the explosion

Images from an explosion in Oslo are streaming in via social media and local media in Norway:

Here’s one of the earliest images from @chaglen

Slideshow of images from nrk.no

Aftenposen.no has been covering the event from the moment it occured, posting some of the first images.

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