Dalai Lama in NY urges Americans to visit Tibet

May 3, 2009

Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Sunday urged Americans to visit his homeland to disprove China’s assertion that people are happy there.
Speaking in Manhattan, the Tibetan Buddhist, who fled his homeland in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule, said Beijing insists, “Tibetans are very happy.” 
“The Chinese government never admit, never acknowledged there is a problem,” he said. “So now I think the world community has a responsibility to show the world there is a problem.
“If the majority of Tibetan people are happy, then our information becomes wrong, then … we must apologize to the Chinese government,” the Dalai Lama said to laughs from the audience of 1,500 people.
Noting China cast itself as a liberator of Tibet rather than as a colonialist, he said, “A liberator should not bring more misery.
“So please, you, non-Tibetans, go there … and then you must show it to the world,” he said, “I urge you, please go there.”
On April 23, China urged the United States not to let the Dalai Lama, whom Beijing brands a separatist, visit the country. “We oppose the Dalai Lama going to any country to engage in splittist activities under any pretext,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu.
The Dalai Lama’s Sunday event was a conversation with former Irish President Mary Robinson.
Robinson, also a former United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, called the lack of progress on human rights in Tibet, “heartbreaking from a human rights point of view.”
The Dalai Lama replied, “I am happy, I hear also one splittist.”
Beijing calls the Dalai Lama a reactionary who seeks to split off nearly a quarter of the land mass of the People’s Republic of China. It has been using its diplomatic clout to try to block the pro-Tibetan message.
The 1989 Nobel Peace laureate denies the charge, saying he seeks greater rights, including religious freedom, and autonomy for Tibetans.
His week-long trip to the United States included a variety of events in California, Boston and New York but does not include a meeting with President Barack Obama.
The Dalai Lama, together with tens of thousands of exiled Tibetans, has lived in India since he fled Lhasa.

Photo credit: Reuters/Eric Thayer. The Dalai Lama listens at the “Wisdom and Compassion for Challenging Times” event in New York May 3, 2009.


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FYI – Dalai Lama spoke in two separate talks in Foxboro MA to approximately 16,000 people urging them to practice religious tolerance. He urged us to set our differences aside and treat each other with mutual respect. And yes, at the end of the day, he urged us to visit Tibet and see conditions for ourselves.
While I can agree that he has an agenda, (to be able to go home – I can understand that) I listened to so many other valuable ideas about issues such as the global economy and ecology. I must wonder why this reporter didn’t include any of that content?

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If the Dalia is so certain that Tibetans are unhappy, why does he not return as a proper monk would to actually serve the suffering people?
If the Dalia is so Democratic, why was he driving cars, fixing watches and raidos, while the American Civil Rights Movement was suffering to acheive liberation from racism and prejudices.
I am certain there are unhappy people all around the world. Why does he think Tibetans suffering singularly inside a country that has made former slaves and serfs under Dalia rule of sufferage for over 350 years into the free modern world?
He left behind 95% of the people suffering as slaves and serfs to face the Libertaion without their Old Slave Master telling them it will be okay.
This man is the biggest hypocrite to play the global stage since Hitler.
He is the cause of dividing Nations from solving many of the world’s problems.
He is the Great Divider and soon the world will understand this after the Simla High Courts find this man guilt of violating others Freedom of Religion and the Civil Rights of people under the protection of the Indian COnstitution.
Then, we’ll see what this Old Communist has to say. Personally, I think he has nothing to say that escuse his duplicity as a make shift God-King or Dictator Potentate.
Sooner or later, he will have to pay the Troll is dues.
Thomas Canada

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Sorry to say- you must be on crack! You or anyone can’t know more about MY people and our history….
I am a Tibetan and I know not a single Tibetan would agree w the dilusions you suffer from, my friend- rather they’ll laugh and pray for you!
I’m sorry to tell you, your education by the CCP is entirely wrong and miscalculated. Tibet will be Free, as it always was!

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The post above seems guided or rather misguided by anger. Why should he have been directly involved in the American civil rights movement? – the argument makes no logical sense. Ask yourself this: If you were the Dalai Lama how best could you serve the people of Tibet, as a dead man, as a puppet of the Chinese inside Tibet or on the world stage, bringing attention to the Tibet issue almost daily? Also, only three of the fourteen Dalai Lamas have actually ruled Tibet and China has historically speaking, repeatedly interfered with Tibeten self government. The lamas all being Buddhist are probably the least likely candidates to ever implement any form of totalitarian rule, their choices being based around a sense of compassion for their fellow human beings. Any study, even a very brief perusal of Tibet’s history on Wickepedia will clarify these points. Remember that your anger always harms you first.

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Thomas is really a Chinese person. Only the Chinese call His Holiness “the Dalai” or “Dalia” as ‘Thomas’ misspells it.
China is trying to usurp Tibet’s history thinking that if it can repeat lies many times, these lief will become truths. So it uses guys like “Thomas” to pollute forums with manifestos and senseless diatribes.

Now to answer Thomas’s questions:
1. The Dalai Lama is the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan State and Tibetan People. He cannot return to Tibet as an “ordinary monk” as he is not considered by anyone as ‘ordinary’ but the Chinese communist/atheist government.
2. What does the American Civil Rights Movement have to do with the then 16-year old Dalai Lama?
3. 5,000 years of Chinese/Mongolian/Manchu imperial serfs… Need I say more? How about cannibalism and “death by 1000 cuts”?
4. Well, China’s communist government (i.e. gang of red thugs) has shown time and again that it does not care about the people – the Tian’an Men massacre, labour camps/laogai, prisons, Falun Gong persecution, etc.
5. I am sure that the “Troll” has reserved plenty of space for the Chinese Communist government thugs.

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Dear Thomas;
Firstly, the greetings from the roof of the world. I am a Tibetan and now living in Tibet. I love Tibet and Tibetan people. I don’t agree with your silly ideas. I think you must be a narrow minded Chinese person. Tibetan people are always with our spiritual and political leader.

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Thomas of Canada,

The Dalai Lama cannot return to Tibet because it is under Chinese military occupation and the Chinese government sets impossible conditions for his return. As the Dalai Lama keps saying the issue is about decent lives for 6 million Tibetans, not just him.

Your English is not wonderful but I think you have stumbled on a profound truth by referring to the Dalai Lama fleeing and while his people were in slavery. That is because the forced labour camps (laogai) the CCP introduced after Tibetan self-government was abolished in 1959 were far closer to slavery than anything that had existed in Tibet in living memory. Indeed China made the entire country just like a prison. Unfortunately nobody – the Dalai Lama or anyone else – could have done anything to stop China’s orgy of violence against the Tibetan people at that time.

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Please Do some research before commenting without the knowledge of Background, Probability and likely hood of Dalai Lama going back is slim, mainly due to one reason, Tibet used to have TWO great leaders one of them being Dalai Lama and another being PENCHEN LAMA, Please read what had happened to him, how he died, then you will have answers in regards to why one can’t trust Chinese authority.

All in all God King or not, I don’t believe much in religion but I have the FREEDOM to choose thats what i relish, there isn’t social cast for non believers nor is there special clause.

All in All, your analogies of him causing part of the world suffering is absurd and simply ridiculous, so without further wasting your time or mine. Next time please only factual comments rather than propaganda circulated by Chinese Government and their Media.

Peace & Happiness

Ps = Thomas, Canada, (possibly u might be chinese just trying to convey ur point under false identity)

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The Chinese communists claim the Dalai Lama was bad in old Tibet & is seeking to restore the “feudal theocracy.” Yet the Dalai Lama was 14 yrs old when the PLA invaded Tibet & the PRC signed a treaty w/ Tibet guaranteeing, inter alia, the Dalai Lama’s traditional authority & powers. Why would China do that if the Dalai Lama was so bad?

Second, no visitor to Tibet, not even Chinese visitors, prior to 1951 ever reported the kinds of terrible things alleged by the Chinese communists after 1959. The only anti

Third, the Dalai Lama introduced democracy to Tibetans in exile & we now elect our own leaders. China denies democracy to Tibet & Tibetans in Tibet have no say in how their govt is run.

Fourth, there were no popular rebellions in old Tibet but since the PRC occupation began in 1951 there have been several, the biggest being in 1959, 1987 & in 2008. If Tibetans are happy, why so many protests & uprisings against Chinese rule by the Tibetan people?

Fifth, if Tibetans are happy & not being repressed, why did China close off Tibet from foreigners & foreign journalists?

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thomas canada,

is a member of nkt/wss. nkt/wss is a sectarian buddhist sect. They are behind the protest against HHDL. For more info, visit these links.
http://info-buddhism.com/Western_Shugden _Society_unlocked.html
http://westernshugdensociety.wordpress.c om/2008/08/31/how-buddhists-view-the-pro tests-of-nktwss/

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I’m a Chinese living in Beijing, and I’ve been to Tibet(xizang) in 2005, where I love so much, the culture, the people, and of cause the landscape. Obviously, Tibet is still less developed, but I saw new roads under construction everywhere, tourists from other provinces and abroad flood in, I think these are the only ways to develop economic in Tibet and lift local living standard. HH should be more constructive to the Tibet issue. he should let people know what action he want take to improve people’s life to make them more happier, and why he could do this better than the current government. the problem is that his record didn’t proven this. on the other hand, if he think he can improve the Tibetan’s life though spiritual means (which I think he could), why he wouldn’t be simply as the spiritual leader, instead of pursue those political agenda?

Posted by tony from china | Report as abusive

In Porto Alegre in the beginning of the 1990s I joined a group interested in Buddhism. In 1992 the Dalai arrived with a clique of Harvard scholars and soon he sent his envoys. Now we have several “Buddhist” temples where only money matters and where one learns about the Tibetan cause, about a “prophecy” on the “westernization” of Buddhism, the merit of the bellicose western powers, and the excellence of Hollywood pros, – nothing about the teachings of Buddha.
A Nobel “peace” laureate by Skandinavian bigots, the Dalai is a political,not spiritual leader, – a wrathful, desperate warmonger who´d rather be steward of the White House than a Buddhist monk.

Posted by João Alberto Luiz | Report as abusive



Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

I echo with tony on the issue. There are obviously a lot of reasons for people to be unhappy everywhere, a lot of people outside so far has only focus on Chinese rule over Tibet as the sole source of unhappiness, there is more or less misleading.

If one just looks the human history, there is a clear tendency that the better a country economically developed, the more educated its citizens are, and the more civil the society is and the more freedom its citizen can enjoy. Even China’s own history during the past several decades follows this path as well.

China overall is not well developed. It’s still far behind developed countries comparing with the west. Tibet is obviously worse. It was not developed at all. Now it is making some progress with heavy investment from CCP.

My view is when a society needs both money and freedom, money matters more. Just ask yourself, choose between lower your income to 1/10 of what you currently making, or the ability to publicly criticizing your government, which one would you choose?

The dilemma for Tibetans is that they can not have both for now. I can see a lot of people who claim to be Tibetans yet write perfectly good English. It is certainly not convincing to me that they represent the vast majority of Tibetans who makes less than $1 a day. For those people if they are able to make $2 a day instead of $1 a day, it’s a much bigger improvement on their life quality than being able to publicly support DL.

For everything to really work out, Tibetans inside Tibet must live on the same living standard as the rest of us. People can’t just imagine that because we have political freedom while living $100 a day, and they will just be equally happy as soon as they have political freedom as well, even though they still live on $1 a day. In my view that is a false illusion. Political freedom is not the sole source of our happiness. It won’t be the sole key to solve their unhappiness either. As soon as people see somebody else having a better life they are going to have some sort of anger over somebody else.

DL wasn’t able to deliver on bringing real economy benefit to Tibetans when he was in charge. He wasn’t able to deliver it during all the years when he is in Indian. I am certainly not saying that it is DL’s fault — there are a lot of challenges when it comes to develop Tibet. Geographically, culturally, etc.

CPP on the other hand is able to bring in some real changes on the economy front due to the vast amount of resource at its disposal. Even so CCP still faces backslash among non-Tibetans. Many Han Chinese are saying Tibetans are getting a lot of extra stuff that they don’t even deserve because they are good trouble makers.

In short, one who really care about Tibetans need to see both sides: economically well being and political freedom. So far CCP focus on the first and DL focus on the second. But in order for the Tibetans to be really happy, they need both. I tend to believe political freedom will come when the economy is well developed. In that regards, I side with CCP more than with DL because DL does not have a clear solution for the economy problem.

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Well, I think Tibet is a chinese region. If there were a problem there, it would be up to the Chinese to resolve it internally.

The US and China make up the pillar to support the World peace and economy. We are not going to let this faked monk to jeopardise this special relationship between the US and China that the World needs most.

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama simply said if Tibetans are happy in Tibet under the Chinese rule, then show it. Why Tibet is concealed from the outside world? Why only selected group of people are allowed to travel into Tibet? Why Chinese authorities are unable to report the whereabouts of thousands of political prisoners, including the Tibet’s second highest spiritual leader Panchen Lama whose whereabouts is unknown since He was 13 years old? Why China is saying Tibetans are happy in Tibet when we have all seen the real videos of Tibetans from all over Tibet saying they are not happy at all, knowing that their free expression of views will lead to their death?

Go to the websites (which are restricted in mainland China and Tibet) such as www.tchrd.org to know about the political prisoners. Visit. www.guchusum.org to listen and know from the former political prisoners in Tibet. Google PALDEN GYATSO and NGAWANG SANGDROL (just to name two out of thousands) to see how they spent their lives in Chinese prisons in Tibet for just shouting for their basic rights.

The Communism in China will collapse as many Chinese themselves are not happy in China, and seeks democracy within. You can google CHARTER 08 to know about resentments of Chinese intellectuals who are now within bars/house arrest/or under strict surveillance in China for simply suggesting their moral ideas.

Tibetans have Truth and Chinese have Lies. Truth always triumphs.

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The way to convince China that it is in its best interests to negotiate with the Dalai Lama about autonomy is to use economic pressure. Average people can do this by simply boycotting any products with the “Made in China” label. Buy something made in India, or Bangladesh, or Canada or Mexico instead,democratic countries where workers are free. If China can’t sell its goods to Americans and Europeans, its economy wil falter even worse than it has done, and that will pressure the leadership to calculate just how heavy a cost they are willing to pay to repress the Tibetans. Read my blog at www.FreeingTibet.com. John Roberts, “Freeing Tibet: 50 years of Struggle, Resilience, and Hope.”

Posted by John Roberts | Report as abusive

The HHDL spoke in respones to a question from the audience “should non tibetans travel to Tibet?” I have been to Tibet, I asked ten different Ha, business people their impression of Tibet – thay all said the same: they hat tibetans, hate the food, the weather, the place – if they weren’t getting triple wages to be there they would leave. Go to tibet for yourself – people living under occupation of foreigners. One day China will leave, or the chinese govt will change – once china is liberated, so will be Tibet.

Posted by richardM | Report as abusive

Thomas, a little knowledge of history is in order before you spew your hatred. The Dalai Lama will not return to Tibet because the Chinese will not let him. He was a teenager when the American Civil Rights Movement was taking place. Tibetans are losing their culture, language, and their religion as we speak, under Chinese rule. And, it is not Dalia. Learn to speak English if you are going to be called Thomas Canada. Your hatred is showing. At least try to be a better representative of Canada. It is people like you that are the problem in the world now. Tashe Delek.

Posted by Billy | Report as abusive

Too bad Thomas of Canada has siphoned off so much of thoughtful people’s time as they respond to his thin arguments.

I was in Tibet in November and it was as the Dalai Lama asserts. The Tibetans are subdued, oppressed and afraid. Chinese police and army are everywhere. Their claims of improving the lives of Tibetans did not jibe with what I saw. I was followed by the secret police for two hours while visiting Potala Place because they’d suspected I was a sympathizer. (They were right.) As an American used to her civil rights, it was a sobering experience. It is a frightening and heartbreaking situation.

Posted by G Allison | Report as abusive

to Ngawang,

I think there are many issues involved here. You are as one sided as CCP at most. Neither CCP nor you is full truth or full lies. You really need to try to see things from a wider perspective in order to have any constructive resolutions.

I think there are many issues involved here. You are as one sided as CCP at most. Neither CCP nor you are full truth or full lies. You really need to try to see things from a wider perspective in order to have any constructive resolutions.

CCP has many many reasons to bar people like you to go there to “seek the truth”. You have already chosen a side before you even go there. Beside giving you exactly what you wanted, there is no other way in this world that can possibly change your mind. And the only purpose you going there is to interpret everything towards your own belief in order to reinforce whatever you have already chosen.

You may think China looks awful by refusing your lot to go in, you should think about the opposite. Just imagine, so China now has this “internal” problem, as most Chinese would believe/were told, and in order to solve this problem, China is willing to let in “international human right activist” go in over and over to examine this problem and judge their progress, and needless to say, they are going to say all the bad words on the Chinese government. You wonder how that would play out among Chinese? Did you heard about that Chinese really hate that Sarkozy from that little country somewhere in Europe? If last year’s torch protest has told you one thing, that should be Chinese really don’t like people from outside to meddling with their own issues.

For many of you to blindly believe Tibet issue will be resolved by pressing China is plain naïve. It is true that truth always triumphs. The problem is that life has millions of colors and you insist that you are pure white and the other is pure black, and blindly believe you are going to prevail because you are as white as you thought. This is just horrible judgment.

China is too big for you or even any other nation on this planet to confront with. It also has its own concerns and interest that needs to be considered and respected. Only after you get that before you have a chance to make any progress. When you take a you must be at total win and the other must be at total lose attitude to go into any negotiation, you won’t even get to sit.

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China needs the West liked or not.
China is trying to make Western match, but that is not posible without values even if you are going to do business. The antagonism is there, China wish to be aproved by the countries and use the business as a excuse the “globalization” to be insert in the world,politics and power, but by other side their values are not in concordance with the Global world values like Respect and Dialogue and I am not meaning only Western values. Asian people has a code of Honor based in values and spirituality too, Western and Asian people share some similarities of those values, the way this values are expressed are different.
China knows that their actions against spirituality can not be aniquilated, even all the efforts that The MAOIST try to do until now.So to put down the DALAI LAMA was not the brightest idea and action they did when they took power and control of China. And also to persecute other religions and expression of spirituality too. Their policies against culture and spirityality is now against them , the populations feels the need of express spirituality.
The evidence of that is the furios hate and aniquilation of Tibet culture, why? because China knows that even you aniquilite any kind of religion, they can not aniquilate the voice of the spirit, do you know that I’Ching is a constant inspiratiopn for life in China? and Asian people of other countries?….even it is post as a only game or diminished only to be used for a oracle, or adivination purposes…but Asian people Know the real meaning of I’ching and Tao and Buddism and the ancestors meaning.Philosophy and interpretation of life are inside the Asian people. Even China try to disapear all that, spirituality, to dream , art , etc.VALUES are inspired by QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. Values vs. Money and controling power.
THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE, CHINA DO NOT WANT TO LET THEIR PEOPLE TO THINK OR BE spiritual. You do not have to be rich, or a wise person, or a iluminated person to feel in your inside need of spirituality, to believe in Freedom and Peace, all of us as Human Beings have that. LIked or not. A regime as China sooner or later must address that. Now they are addressing that by trying to anulate Tibet…..they are wrong, you can not go against your own nature.
ALso look what happened with the past Olympiads….the spirit of the Olympiads was gone…the sport events where done, but the spirit of Global coexistance and Harmony was not there , the good vibration of the spirit was not there, was the emptyness who reign there. Even that the participants as Human Beings gave a lesson of competence and Coexistance and spirituality , something China with all the effort they did was not acchieved. The persons that participated in the OLympics gave the lesson to China. The world gave a lesson to China.

Remember always quality and values are not negociable.

Posted by Maria | Report as abusive

So people should follow Dalai Lama’s request and go to Tibet, bring your tourism dollars too.

China would only allow Dalai to go back if he gives up his temporal leadership which Dalai have many times exclaimed that he had given up his leadership after introducing democracy to his exile government. Dalai also said many times that he is an ordinary person in which China has long viewed as well. So why people here refuting what both China AND Dalai himself had said?

About religious freedom, why Dalai banned one of the traditional sect of Tibetan Buddhism, Dorje Shugen, so completely? Even though one or two of the sect MAY (not proven) try to kill him at one time, why the severe reaction against the whole sect which has a long history in Tibet?

More on the theocracy, sure the current Dalai is only 14 when China took over once again, but the condition of Tibet was crafted by generations of Dalai’s, including his predecessor. They run by themselves essentially. It is a general misconception and shouldn’t be used as an excuse by either side.

By the way, the title of Dalai was bestowed upon the Monk of the Yellow Sect by the Mogols. Each Dalai needs to be approved by the central government of China and so it did all these generations. Who do you think approved the current Dalai? The Republic of China on Taiwan when it was still in power in mainland China.

Another tibit: Dalai was not the supreme ruler of Tibet at the time of bestowment, by religion or otherwise. It wasn’t until the 5th Dalai ruthlessly conquered all other sects using Mogolian strength (4th Dalai was a Mongol prince) then proclaim himself the temporal and religious leader of all Tibetan Sect (which is not part of the Tibetan religion or culture at the time).

So please read some history before shouting to others to read.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

To JC.
It is not about trade off between economic development and freedom, it is about the need to define tangible measure of both economic development and freedom. The CCP government did this, it has development plan to tibet, and committed to invest huge amount of money into tibet, those measure will surely develop economic in tibet, and tibetan people will surely benefit from that. The government also issued its first action plan on human rights, vowing to address a host of issues. Those measure are not perfect, but it do help to improve both economic and freedom. By contrast, HH the Dalai lama, and hie government in exile did nothing on the measure instead of shouting slogans, spread hatreds among people, what a Spiritual leader he is.

Posted by tony from china | Report as abusive

To John Robert
China has no contact with the west for decades, and the CCP did not collapse, so your suggestion is just crude measure to punish ordinary people both within China and in the west to support your political agenda. Shame on you.

Posted by tony from china | Report as abusive

To Tony,

I agree with you on that. My main point was that, when people from outside talk about how much they care about Tibet, they should care about both their economy well being and political freedom.

So far most people from the west who claims that they care about Tibetans, and even a lot of Tibetans in exile community has shown very little interest on the economy situation for Tibetans. That is very troubling.

My view is China neither tries to dodge human right issue, nor tries intentionally to go against it. During the past few decades China not only made great progress economically, but also politically. Ordinary Chinese enjoys much more freedom nowadays than before. But just like China cannot afford the same level of living standard as the west, China cannot afford the same level of political freedom as well. So basically while great progresses are being made, China is still far from there. It takes time. These people believe all that is needed is a regime change and everything will just align into perfect order overnight are pure naive.

A lot of people who post at here, especially many in the exile community are only filled with hatred and they are not ready to listen or consider anybody else’s view. Those are no different than jihads in a way, and DL has more or less helped fanning the conflict directly or indirectly. I believe that will lead to nowhere. In that regard, I believe CCP’s approach is a more rational and pragmatic approach.

Posted by jc | Report as abusive

JC, again, people in China do want freedom, the freedom to choose way of live, the freedom to challenge corrupted government officials, the freedom of expression, I think we are on the way the freedom even we are just off the start line. What annoy to us is that some people always use the word of Freedom to achieve his own agenda: you want freedom? Then you shoud support HH the dalai lama, then you should support his political agenda, and then you should support the splite of ¼ of the land of you country; of cause we do not support his agenda, then we have to trade freedom with that. Come on, Dalai lame is no equal to freedom, he is merely a spiritual leader, be spiritual please.

Posted by tony from china | Report as abusive

I agree entirely that it makes sense for the international community, governments & grass roots peoples to concertedly undermine China’s rise through economic measures especially at this time– personally I’ve begun this this year, by taking care not to purchase anything from China as much as possible, which I’m glad to say is not actually all that difficult– until China, actually I mean more specifically the PRC leaves Tibet, and Xinxiang too. Economic measures may secondarily help the Chinese people themselves to achieve true freedom under their own definitions that accord with international standards for the rule of law & human rights for themselves at the same time.
But at the same time it does seem that we are all in together the catastrophe of environmental destruction, which China is already and will continue to suffer greatly from if we do not find ways to assist them through meaningful and pro-active co-operation to improve their lot in that most fundamental of issues, being as it is more consequential than only the question of humanity.
That’s what I really care about, & I have a question that has just occurred to me while becoming more aware of the plight of the Uighurs & other ethnic groups being swamped in their own countries– Yes, I no longer consider Tibetan or Uighur territory to be lawfully occupied by the PRC, I now only fully regard these territories as being rightfully under the sovereign stewardship of their original peoples, in spite of the ongoing illegal occupation by the PRC!–, so, my question is… if the PRC has had this ‘one child policy’ for well more than a generation now, then why are there so many millions of an apparently growing Han Chinese population, so much so that they are able to carry out their policy of overwhelming the indigenous populations of Tibet & Xinxiang & elsewhere? Should not the Han population have already been reduced by more than half by now? Anyway, just another elementary question to this that has become interesting.
Responding more directly to HH’s invitation ‘from exile’! for others to visit Tibet… … this is logical enough for what it is, as he requests that others visit to learn the truth of the situation, there, on the ground, from the people & to report the truth to the rest of the world though it feels like what is really needed & just perhaps is a part of what he was meaning intentionally by this invitation, that we need to pressure all our governments/leaders to go there & visit themselves, and not just to visit of course but to go there to learn the truth & stay if necessary in solidarity with Uighurs & Tibetans to be witness to supporting them while they truly liberate their countries.
On this point, and concerning Canada, which stands at least as good a chance as any other political entity to enact this, the Liberal Party of Canada held a convention this weekend past, & during the proceedings I took particular note of a calling statement by their former leader, the Honorable Stephan Dion– one of Canada’s best by the way– that it would make sense for Canadians to go to China to fight for human rights there as Canadians are fully protected by international law to do so… ,so, I basically would like Stephan to lead a delegation of Canadian politicians to do this… & we’ll see, won’t we!

Posted by Billy Jack Douthwright, Montreal, Canada | Report as abusive

To JC,

How can it be an ‘internal issue’ when we are not a family in the first place?

Why people are suppressed and tortured for expressing their genuine opinion which is basic human rights? Is this what you call ‘Socialism’????

The world agrees with China that China has brought lot of material changes in Tibet since its occupation, but what about the miseries and deaths it has brought along?

If the freedom of expression is a crime, then the constitution of that country is not a constitution but a mere testament of criminology.

The word ‘China’ as now become a synonym of ‘Lie’ as world has witnessed tons of those just during the Olympics alone. Not to mention that ‘Melamine’ scandal.

If you accuse me of justifying Tibet as ‘White’ and the rest as ‘Black’, what about your judgment toward the world’s journalists? Why are you in the pretext of mere assumption that the news coverage about Tibet would be biased and against the CCP if the world media is allowed to travel into Tibet? The perfect example of ‘Bias news coverage’ would be your official mouthpiece ‘Xinhua’ which ONLY shows China as a colorful and prosperous nation, when millions and millions are suffering due to the corruptions within your own government. Have you ever read any news in ‘Xinhua’ and ‘China Daily’ about the miseries of the Chinese people? I am sorry to say that billions of Chinese only knows what the CCP portrays as they don’t have access to the world media.

And just FYI… your own Jackie Chain recently retreated the CCP’s official line by saying Chinese needs to be controlled as they don’t know what freedom means……

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I always wonder how the exile Tibetans make living, they do not produce any thing, they do not do any meaningful business, they even do not herd, Everyone of them seems to be a professional demonstrator, then who feed them, who gave them the money to travel all over the world to protest?I think that’s the reason why they do anti-china protest restless, because they paid for that!! what a shame!

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To Ngawang , what all your anti-china sentiment to do with the human right of Tibetans? Why tibet have to be split out from china for Tibetans to have human right? What’s human right you referred to? What’s the way to achieve this? You the professional demonstrators protest for nothing achievable, without meaningful targets, so you can protest forever and get a life long career, congratulations!

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Billy Jack, you can’t be any more hypocritical. You yourself is occupying the land of an indigenous people. If Tibet and Xinjiang aren’t part of China by your logic, the country Canada doesn’t exist. There is no reason for China to give up any of its territory unless the entire Western Hemisphere is vacated.

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just FYI, i am not anti-China, but anti CCP. There is a difference. i have high regards towards Chinese people, but i hate and oppose the Communist regime under which countless of people are suffering.

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Hello everyone,

Please go to China, including Tibet province, use you eyes to observe, use your ears to listen, then you will know whether Chinese people (including Tibetans) are suffering or not, whether we should support Dalai or not, whether we should buy Chinese goods or not.

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[…] cities in the US were the people are literally prisoners in their own town.  The Dalai Lama has encouraged Americans to go to Tibet to see first-hand what China has done and I felt the need to document what I could, so I could tell the story when I […]

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