That’s billion, with a bee: Measuring the massive cost of hive collapse

May 19, 2015

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Honey producers don’t allow bees to create new swarms. They take all the honey that they can and don’t want their bees to use their honey to make more bees. So a partial solution is not to use wild bees per se, but to allow commercially raised honey bees to live and reproduce without harvesting honey. They will “throw off new swarms” and will be healthier. So, we need to create beehives that are not meant for honey collection, but for optimal bee health.

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Agreed, the honey bees are going the way of the monarch butter flys. GMO corn and other GMO crops are not only putting the lives of the public at risk but causing a major disruption in the natural world. It’s sad that corporations cannot even back off these GMO crops knowing the damage they are causing, in the name of profits. The government needs to reverse course and start pushing organic for the greater of all the people, not just the select wealthy donors.

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byrond2: “Honey producers don’t allow bees to create new swarms. They take all the honey…”
This is just not true. Do you know any Beekeepers? I don’t think you do. Where are you getting this info?
The beekeepers I know are constantly doing everything they can to keep their hives strong by NOT taking too much honey. They work to split their hives which is turning one hive into two. Any beekeeper that exploits a hive as you suggest would not be in business very long. Educate yourself. You are spreading misinformation.

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As if cellphones aren’t already blamed for enough of the world’s evils — brain cancer, driving accidents and teen tragedies, to name a few — a new study suggests they could also be harming honeybees.

According to a Swiss researcher who recently published a paper on the subject, the electromagnetic waves from mobile phones have a significant impact on the behavior of honeybees and could potentially be harming honeybees around the world.

“Among other factors, such as the varroa mite and pesticides, signals from mobile phones and masts could be contributing to the decline of honeybees around the world,” Daniel Favre, a Swiss biologist and bee expert, said in a statement. “I am calling the international scientific community for more research in this field.”

My brother has raised bees as an interest for years. They are in decline. This could have dire effects. Serious studies do need to be done.

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