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Tweeting the downfall of Brazil

July 8, 2014

Before the match began there was hope mixed with concern. Follow along as things get ugly, really really ugly.

from Jack Shafer:

If I unfollowed you, it’s because you tweeted about the World Cup

June 26, 2014

WC Tweet

At the rate I'm going, the number of people I follow on Twitter will have dropped from 640 to zero on July 13, after the last World Cup match concludes.

A world full of Messis

June 12, 2014

Argentina's Messi heads the ball during a training session in preparation for 2014 World Cup at Independecia stadium in Belo Horizonte

At least 55 of FIFA’s 209 member countries apparently have their very own Lionel Messi. The original Messi, is, of course, Argentinian. But Messi is also a simple shorthand for an extremely talented, slightly built, and maybe but not necessarily left-footed player with freakish dribbling ability.

from Photographers' Blog:

Beckham’s final 81st minute

May 22, 2013

Paris, France

By Gonzalo Fuentes

Since David Beckham arrived in Paris the media have captured every move, every training session, every single time he and his family have roamed around the city.

from Left field:

Euro 2012 live blog

June 27, 2012

Click on the link below to join Reuters for the three-week European soccer party.

from Mark Meadows:

Reuters Soccer blog merges with Left Field

January 15, 2012

Dear readers,

The Reuters Soccer blog is merging with our sister site, Left Field -- Reuters' global sports analysis and opinion page.

from Left field:

Va-va-voom. Vintage Henry scores on Arsenal return.

January 10, 2012

The clock said 68 minutes, and no one at the Emirates Stadium in north London was looking at the action on the pitch as the fourth official held aloft his lit-up board to signal the re-introduction of Thierry Henry to English football.

from Left field:

Post-Christmas cheer in Oslo for out-of-contract players

December 22, 2011

By Philip O'Connor, Scandinavia sports correspondent

For many football fans, the post-Christmas blues will be banished by the prospect of their club buying big when the transfer window opens in January.

from Mark Meadows:

NFL Week 15 Lineman picks

December 17, 2011

By Steve Keating

'Tebow Time' runs out this week when the Broncos host the Patriots but the Lineman's time has come. We've been close to a perfect week a few occasions this season but with time ticking down Week 15  looks like a promising bet.

from Left field:

And Porto will play…..Europa League draw provides some stardust

December 16, 2011

There was the usual hushed silence and then sudden intake of breath heard in Nyon on Friday, though not for the Champions League Round of 16 draw but the first two ties of the Europa League Round of 32.